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Dell Latitude E7440 guide

Mark Bondarenko

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Hi guys, I just received my new Dell Latitude E7440, I already looked for tutorials on how to put a hackintosh on it. But on many guides, I found old revisions of laptops with characteristics that differ from mine. Therefore, I want to clarify if these tutorials are relevant for me?

1. https://github.com/ameeno/Dell-E7440-Hackintosh

2. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/13071-dell-latitude-e7440-catalina-10154


My characteristics:

- Intel Core i5-4210U

- Intel Graphics HD 4400

- 8GB DDR3

- Seagate 500GB HDD ST500LT032-1E9142 (When I have free time, I plan to disassemble it to see how to change the SSD, because on some of the sites I saw that there might be an mSATA connector.)

- DW 1506 (On one of the sites I saw that for this network card you can use the AR5B125 kext, is that correct?)


And will be Dell dock working??

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Either guide would work.  Yes, there is an mSata port where you can add an additional drive, works just fine as well.

High Sierra is the last MacOS to support Atheros, so if you want install newer MacOS than HS, you'll need to replace the kext with that of HS. See here

As for docking station, I don't remember which version MacOS last supports it but I know it's no longer working on Mojave and newer, at least not the DisplayPort for external monitor. The onboard HDMI and mini DP does work, just not through the dock.

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You may use any of those guides, your specs are roughly the same as any other E7440 (4th gen Haswell CPU with HD4200/4400/4600 graphics). You should consider replacing the DW1506 wireless card by a fully compatible model. All those AR9485/9565-based cards usually are a headache in recent macOS version given that the specially-written driver they require no longer seems to work properly. Note that there is no such thing as the AR5B125 kext you mentioned. Then, given that Apple abandoned all support for Atheros cards, I strongly suggest you switch to a supported Broadcom card.


Dell Dock should be working, at least partially. I certainly could use it for OS X/macOS with my E6440 when I had it and it still works with my E6220/E6230. It really depends for you want to use it for.

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I'm pretty certain you will not get your AR9485 to work in High Sierra, Mojave or Catalina but you're free to go ahead and knock yourself out at it. There is no such thing as "no way to replace" the wireless card and a replacement Broadcom model would cost you peanuts!

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The second link you posted (https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/13071-dell-latitude-e7440-catalina-10154) is the one i used to build a new e7440 two days ago. The guide was great, and the ONLY issue i had was to make sure you format the drive in the dell correctly, not as Mac OS Extended but as APFS. Make sure your BIOS is a28.


Follow Hervé's bios set up, and the EFI folder provided by trognaz seemed to work perfectly (though I wouldn't mind someone to confirm it's all the latest drivers).


I was pretty impressed with the specs: it was showing on Geekbench with just about the same speed as my macbook pro (2016) single core. My macbook Pro has 4 cores, so it would hit x2 the speed of the e7440, but only on programs that can take advantage of them.




Can you recommend a Broadcom? I screwed up and got a DW1560 which turned out to be the wrong connector. (need Mini PCI). Any suggestions would be awesome.


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