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Dell E7450, OpenCore: Bios, Trackstick, SSDT Questions

Justin Wallis

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@acquarius.13 (or anyone with the knowledge), thank you for your E7450 Big Sur beta guide and files! I have gotten it working!!  I have a few questions. Your E7450 has an i5 correct? is there any changes i should make if i have an i7 5600U?  (I added and linked my ssdt.aml file that i generated myself already.)


Also, you said your E7450 was a "iGPU only model". Can you possibly explain what this is, or how i can check if mine is this. I wasn't able to find the info about that.  


Also, do you also think it would be safe to update the BIOS to A24?


Do you use ApplePS2Controller just to get your TrackStick working?  Do you have have or want apple gestures enabled (two fingers, etc)?  Was wondering what you meant by Latest "VoodooPS2Controller will not be useful for this ALPS touchpad"?   I use the VoodooPS2Controller,  and have apple gestures, but i am not sure how to enable the Trackstick, I don't see the setting to enable it in SmartScroll app.


Thank you!!

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You actually don't need to generate a SSDT. SSDT-PLUG.aml is all you need and it'll work for both i5 and i7. No changes needed. If you are using a generated SSDT, then remove SSDT-PLUG. You'll also need to generate a different SSDT for i7.

IGPU only model means it only has an Intel HD graphics. Some model comes with discrete graphics like an Nvidia or AMD, which are not supported anyway and must be disable via SSDT patching. If your model has it, it should show in the BIOS under graphics.

It is safe to upgrade to the latest BIOS, as the hot patched SSDT are not BIOS dependent. Yes, follow the same BIOS setting from Hervé's BIOS guide.

With ApplePS2Controller, you should have 2 fingers scrolling, tab to drag (enable via Accessibility/Pointer Control. Trackstick should work as regular mouse, but with assistance from SmartScroll, you'll be able to scroll with the middle mouse. Not sure what version of VoodooPS2Controller you're referring to. With acidanthera, you probably only have keyboard and touchpad, I don't think it's made for Alps touchpad which is what you have for this model. You'll need the version (same name) by Dr. Hurt, you can find here in this forum or  one by 1revenger1 which is another version for Alps you can find in Dortania's OC guide. 

For me non of the Alps version works well for me. I continue using ApplePS2Controller, only issue with that version is that you'll need to double tab the Caps key to enable and twice to disable. In the end, it's up to you which version works best for you.

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@Justin Wallis, please use the Reply box at the bottom of the pages rather than use the quoting facility to post replies. Former is expected, latter is most annoying.


Off-topic, by exception:

Apple do not release alpha versions, only betas. So far 11 x betas for Big Sur since June. GM or final release expected next week.

End of off-topic.

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