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Dell E7440: Problems with Catalina 10.15.7 clean installation


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Hi there.
Back in January, I was a macOS user on a Dell e7440 laptop.
Unfortunately, this machine broke down on the go. By now I managed to buy another one also with an i7 processor.
But unfortunately my installer is no longer there.
I tried to create one under Win10 -vmware now, I still have the efi-m backup I used in January, which worked perfectly back then, I wanted to use it to create a new installer.
I downloaded the latest macOS Catalina to my virtual machine.
I created the installer USB and then tried to install the latest clover.
That's when I noticed that the latest Clover Bootloader already bears the v5 mark and it already lacks the drivers that were included in the old one.
eg: UEFI Drivers \ Recommended Drivers \ ApfsDriverLoader
My first question would bite here. How to use the latest clover bootloaders?
Regardless, I also tried to install it with the latest v2.5 clover, which is version number 5103.
Then all I did was copy the "ACPI" and "kexts" directories and the "config.plist" file from my old well-functioning EFI folder.
Then I updated all the kexts in the "kexts \ others" folder that I found more recent.
Then I reset the bios to factory defaults, set everything up as described and tried to install it, but the installer got stuck before the installer loaded and only the apple logo was in place.
I remembered that it used to not only work with the BIOS version A21 so I reinstalled it and tried it too, but the result is the same.
I then launched one in "verbose" mode to see if I could see anything from it, but for me it's completely Chinese. (I attached a picture of this).
Also, I uploaded my old well-functioning EFI backup to the link below.
Link: https://mega.nz/file/GSpmxIRS#m6RSWVx7hIlVSQVrYRgeM1dA5amiumMKIbukMBF4jHY
Maybe someone could help, what could be the problem? Why does the installer get stuck?
Thanks in advance to everyone for their help!!!


I apologize to everyone for my horrible English, I am from Hungary.


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