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E7470 - Sudden APFS Container corruption


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Since the Beta threads are closed now, i thought i'd ask here too. I've tried my best to get a proper log file but everything is NUL (or <0x00> after the OpenCore debug output).


I've been using Jake Lo's e7470 OC Package with a few of my own touches and have/had a very stable Big Sur environment. But twice, i have went through an APFS Container corruption, but i cant for my own sake of sanity find out what has been causing it. It just randomly happened.


First time it happened, i could only isolate the randomness to two things, i logged in on the iCloud welcome screen between the Beta updates, and used Hackintool although only to read some values. None of the cases make sense to create such an issue.

However, i've also isolated that i've signed to my Apple AirPort Extreme, which i strictly use as a NAS (SMB), to copy something, in both cases.


In both cases, it randomly started happening after a few restarts, mostly of OS switches.


It started with the initial first boot showing me this (i've ommited the values after DWORD, this line showed up at least in 5 straight rows):

disk1s1: device error.

void IONVMeController::HandleCompletionError(AppleNVMeRequest *, uint32_t)::5566:DWORD "SOME VALUES HERE in for a few ROWS" NVMeStatus=0x2004

Followed by the next boot (after a restart obviously):

1. This comes first

nx_corruption_detected_int:55: disk1 Container corruption detected by obj_init:2775!
alloc_space_for_write_with_hint:15409: spaceman_alloc() FAILED, err: 92 xid: 22501 paddr: 0 blocks requested: 1 blocks allocated: 0

2. Than an immense output of these

apfs_vnop_blockmap:13735: disk1s1:0 ### obj-id 738787/738787 err 92 offset 0 size 524208 mapflags 2 destream  
apfs_fsync_internal:10740: disk1s1:0 cluster_push() failed with err 92 on ino
apfs_vfsop_sync:4178: disk1 Container corruption detected by obj_init:2775!
obj_write_prepare:4779: disk1s4:0 oid 1199 flags 0x21a1 0x0 type xid 22501 (cur xid 22501) error allocating

3. Until it stops for a bit with this:

tx_flush_thread:1496: disk1 tx_flush(22501) failed, 92 # 146 (<- this number keeps increasing)

And it keeps repeating this.


ITLWM verbose output can be seen scanning networks and finding MAC addresses, so i assume the system itself is working but something has messed up the file system.


EDIT: just some extra clarity. Big Sur resides on a 2242 SSD in the WWAN Port, running at 1x speed lanes, but it's a Western Digital PC SN520 (which happens to be SanDisk rebranded from what i could tell). First SSD is disabled via SSDT as OpenCore and MacOS really don't like it.

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This was meant temporarely. Main SSD slot is 2280, where i have a Micron 2200S, which triggers macos KPs. I cant install the 2242 SSD from the WWAN on the 2280 slot.


I plan to switch roles in the future, leave Windows on the WWAN slot, and move macOS on the main one as soon as i get my hands on a decent NVMe, but i would use this layout for now.


Recovery boots well, but cant fix anything.

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I'm already aware of your setup details, you posted them in your previous BS beta-related thread. You can install a 2242 NVME SSD in a 2280 slot, you just won't be able to secure it properly (or use a piece of tape); but it'll work fine for testing purposes. I've done such a thing in my Latitude 7490.

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You reckon it'll stay put if installed on the 2280 slot? I'll definitely see to it.


I am currently doing a HFS+ install, just want to see if it makes a difference. There are a few people reporting the same issue on r/hackintosh and insanelymac, all have Big Sur with APFS.


Edit: well i guess, everyone expected the results, i chose HFS+ but still got it as APFS, this is pribably nothing i should be surprised for.

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Nothing to be isolated, this is definitely being caused by the update, confirmed.


But it always happens on the 3rd restart, always. Accidentally, on that third restart, I left the disk1s1: device error. and void IONVMeController output going on, which resulted in a large LOG, what I could at least on the surface troubleshoot is that the system was actually booting but extremely slowly due to the error. It took a 20min verbose output, 20min Apple progress bar and a 20 other minute just to log in. System was excruciatingly slow, just barely to made it after an hour to get the restart button, which took another 20 minutes.


The issue does not happen on a fresh install, and I did quite a few restarts.


I've also tried the main M.2 slot with the same issue. It's probably something related to the WD PC SN520. I am currently on the brink of updating again, but with NVMeFix added from the beginning, just to see if that will change anything.


I am a magnet of bizarre issues and unsupported hardware. Nevertheless, I don't seem to be the only one as I've seen a few reddit and insanelymac posts with the same issue, all report not having the issue on the latest Clover however.


EDIT: Same results with three restarts in.


EDIT2: And with 20B29 now it happens on the fresh install too. 

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