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E7440: Cannot add or Remove kexts without kernel panic.


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Hello again. Yesterday I was graciously provided an EFI (which I am forever grateful for, thank you!) and currently everything is working on Big Sur. However, I am unable to add or delete any kexts. when i remove or add a kext and update the config.plist with propertree's "OC Snapshot" feature (i did try clean snapshot as well) and reboot, my boot list is filled with a ton of EFIs seemingly from the EFI/OC/Tools folder, and attempting to boot immediately results in a kernel panic before anything tries to load. If I'm missing an obvious step, I'm sorry. what can I do to fix it? attached below is the last EFI that adds itlwm.kext and should have an updated config, this would not boot. Thank you in advance. 


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Replace VoodooPS2Controller with a different version

I see you have both VoodooPS2Controller by acidanthera and VoodooPS2ControllerR6 by Dr. Hurt.

You currently have Dr. Hurt's version enabled. Go ahead and disable that and enable Acidanthera's version + plugins or vise versa. Seems you have both enabled at this new file


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Well it seems my trackpad works with VoodooPS2Controller but without any of its gestures and stuff, and it just doesn’t work on VoodooPS2ControllerR6. A little stumped here, as it works when I boot from my flash drive, which appears to have the same kexts. 


Edit: looked at my flash drive’s config.plist. Not a single mention of VoodooPS2Controller, only VoodooPS2ControllerR6. Reminder that both trackpad and keyboard are functioning flawlessly when booting off my flash drive. 

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Although I experienced this problem too, unfortunately the trackpad didn't work for me either, so I started to delete the kexts that I haven't used during the clover so far and watched when a change happens.
When I realized the mistake, I could only laugh at it! : D
Solution: Delete "SMCDellSensors.kext" from "config.plist / Kernel" and it will work!

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