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E7470 - Hang at Select Country and Region


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Your system might have a slightly different model of touchpad. That's why I included 2 touchpad kexts. You can disable the VoodooPS2 and enable ApplePS2, make sure to enable the plugins too. Note that with ApplePS2, it's pretty old so there's a slight issue with cap lock. You need to tap it twice to enable and twice to disable. You won't see touchpad in preferences but both touchpad and trackpoint works. For the trackpoint scrolling to work, I use SmartScroll.app to enable the middle mouse. It's shareware, but pretty cheap if you want the full version.

What do you mean you don't have trackpoint? It's physically missing or it's not working?


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I managed to get trackpad working now after changing to your e7470 boot pack (previously using e7270). my device doesn't have the trackpoint physically. i think my variant is not the common one. However, i found this person also made a version of the refined alps kext, although it doesn't work on my machine, you may want to try: https://github.com/1Revenger1/VoodooPS2-Alps


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