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Latitude E7450 open core Big Sur installation help


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Hi everyone,


I've created an Big Sur installer like described here 

I've used the EFI folder from that download. The computer installs. Then I copy the EFI from the Installer USB to the EFI part of the MacHD.

After restart I tries to boot from Mac HD. Then it restarts and I get an error screen (see attachment).

Can anyone help me to get this HackBook running?





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That doesn't do it either. Could the problem be in the BIOS settings (dell)? 


Clean install with your EFI folder. It installs fine. Then I mount the EFI from the installer and copy it to another USB Drive. I unmount the EFI from the installer and mount the EFI from the HD. Copy your EFI folder to the EFI part of the HD with the installed Big Sur. The I eject all drives except the HD. Then I restart. What happens is it boots the MacHD, then reboots halfway. I get the Dell logo, it tries to boot MacHD and then it will give me that warning thing 'You need to restart you computer. Hold down the power button etc.'. And that goes on into a loop for multiple times until the machine shuts off.

Do I need to edit something in the EFI folder?

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