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E7450 OC Big Sur Installation help

Justin Wallis

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No, there is no other option in the OC picker.  It went through the install dialog, even though i was on verbose mode, looked like it installed fine.  I will try the installer again. (Got another KP on restart, so had to switch back to the Catalina EFI to avoid KP, then switch it back to the Big Sur EFI right before i run installer again for it to load properly). Should i run reset NVRam after every time i change the EFI?


Having troubles with both EFI's. Might give up on this clone and just try a clean Big Sur Install instead of the update. Luckily the Big Sur update worked on my other laptop, not sure what the difference was rly.

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So, i finally got it working after 2 installs and 10 restarts later.  So, should i just run the GenerateSMBIOS.command and input "MacBookPro12,1" to get a SN, MLB and System UUID to add to my config.plst (with Opencore Configurator). Then also put my MAC Address (from Network > Ethernet > Advanced) and put in the ROM section? Reboot & Reset NVRam?   I tried it earlier and kept getting a boot loop, so i just referred back to the old numbers i generated (from within OCC, running on catalina), and it worked again.  I can't get a SN to generate from within OCC ever since i have been on Big Sur.


Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 10.22.09 PM (2).png

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What you ought to do is follow Dortania's guide and stay away from OCC; latter's been known to corrupt OC config. Of course, you should re-use the SMBIOS values from your previous build, that's actually the clever thing to do for very obvious reasons! An alternative to GenSMBIOS tool is to use Clover Configurator to generate the data.

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