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D620 nVidia: Trouble installing Lion


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You can't update to El Capitan like you do a real Mac. You'll need to create a new installer and install on top, retaining your data and apps.

Unfortunately you won't be able to create the installer with myHack as it stops support at Mavericks.

See Hervé's guide how to manually create the installer. Make sure to use your bootpack (Extra folder).

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No, do not attempt to upgrade to anything past Lion. OS X last supports the D620 GPUs (whether Intel GMA950 or nVidia Quadro NVS 110M) in Lion 10.7.5 and in 32bit kernel mode. Beyond Lion, you'll have no graphics support/acceleration so do not bother. Pleased read the thread I linked to previously.


To get fully functional Sleep/Wake operations, you'll need to:

1) set hibernate mode to 0

2) remove any sleepimage file in /var/vm


I also recommend you align screen sleep on computer sleep in the Energy Savings PrefPane. Reason for that is that if you let the screen sleep on the D620 nVidia, it only wakes to a dark screen and you'll have to put the laptop to sleep, then wake it to recover display.

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