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Latitude 6430u, El Capitan, Clover - black screen


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OK, managed to install Sierra.


The problem was with my laptop, I got it a month ago with windows 7. I installed Win 10 and all intel/dell drivers. And one of these installs broke the laptop - now right after reset the laptop switches to external monitor. So if I need to go to BIOS I need to press Fn+F8 to get picture on LCD. If I don't press it, windows does it at some point during loading.


So, I connected my HDMI TV and I saw that the setup switched to the TV - when I had thougth that I had black screen. I suppose the system switched to VGA and since its not supported it hang. When I connected HDMI, the setup continued on the TV. I finished Mac OS installation but I can use TV only and in safe mode, in regular mode I get a lot(!) of artifacts. If I press Fn+F8 to get the video output  on LCD, I get totally messed up picture.


I contacted Dell, they a going to send me disk with Win7 (laptop does not have CD/DVD lol) because they do not support win10(!)...


So the question now is how to disable the switching to external monitor?


Thank you,

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Is that the official word from Dell that they don't support Win10 on 6430u?

Because this says otherwise http://www.dell.com/support/home/en/en/enbsdt1/product-support/product/latitude-6430u-ultrabook/drivers?os=wt64a


The artifacts issue, make sure to use A06. Load defaults, apply, then switch to UEFI, AHCI, secure disable, TPM disable, Legacy Rom option Enabled.

If the system automatically switch to external and not load LCD, that could be a different issue and not Windows.


Fn+F8 don't work on OS X, so weird artifacts is expected. Instead, go to Displays preferences and see if you could chance display to LCD. Hold the Windows key(option key) and click on Detect Display. Also check in System Information Graphics/Displays if the LCD shows up or only external monitor.


With Windows, do you have to hit Fn+F8 to get it to show Windows on the LCD too?

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the laptop is refurbished, dell sells them with Win 7 so win 10 is not supported.

Fn+F8 works for me ;-), it switches from TV to LCD but the picture gets messed up on LCD and switching back does not help.


Sierra just does not see any monitors but TV.


windows turns on LCD itself while loading.


if I understand correctly, mac tries LCD and falls back to external monitor


The thing is that I did see DELL logo during boot when I just got the laptop. Most likely is that one of the updates wrote something into NVRAM and I am stuck with it now. DELL refuses to exchange the laptop so my only hope is that Win 7 drivers will revert the changes

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Jake Lo, could you please let me know what is Native Resolution in your BIOS? I have seen different numbers there.

And Panel Type.


Thanks a mil,

Mine is 1366x768 and by the look of yours, it's also the same.

what numbers are you seeing?

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