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[Short GUIDE] Install High Sierra on Lenovo X201 [i5 520M]


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Well that's a little strange, cause as you seen, that was a standard install on me, I didn't make any changes instead of pointing the location to the USB stick, but now, since we know which options should be marked on Clover, use the same ones for your HDD/SDD after installation and then keep following the guide by installing Clover Configurator, mount the Clover partition, delete it's content and replace it with the one provided (this and installing AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB.kext is very important, otherwise you won't have QE/CI).


Yes, after I finished the HS install and booted into it, I added the graphics kext in S/L/E with Kext Utility, but make sure you also replace your bootloader content with the one provided, as I said above.


I'll wait for your success confirmation and after I will add this step in the guide.

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I am not sure what will happen if i point to SSD.... When pointing this to USB no EFI partition was created since it was MBR and Fat32.

It's late here, i will try it tomorrow and let you know.... the SSD during install will be GPT partition scheme and formatted APFS. It might force an EFI partition creation... Lets see....



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Installation was successful.. but i think you made an error in your assumption that the setting in your Clover standard install 

will create an EFI Partition on the internal HD/SSD.


When i point the Clover install (with your standard settings) at my SSD HD it fail to install. But when i changed it to install for EFI only it installed.

I deleted the EFI folder in the EFI Partition and copied all your post install files and folders to the EFI Parttion...

but now as before the system does not boot from the internal HD/SSD......


As you said in one of your post you did it in 2016 from what sounds like a Sierra update? 

Now i have to figure out what the setting are for the internal HD/SSD for clover else it will never work.... 


It does not make sense that the Clover installer share the same settings for MBR (USB) and  GPT (internal HD/SSD) install??





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Hi ....


Are you sure your install image was not patch for MBR Installation.

The only way you can point the your Clover Standard Install at the Internal HD/SSD and install successfully 

[meaning USB and SSD/HD clover setting being the same] must be the fact that your HD/SSD in MBR partition and

not GPT partitioned..... 



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Glad you succeeded, I didn't really understood your bolded question, but please tell me what steps should I change in the guide so this process will be functional and will help others to install High Sierra on their x201's? Is this a matter of Clover bootloader options? The files provided by me are useless?


[Offtopic note: you don't have to quote my messages if you respond me in the next message after mine's, this way the thread will be more easy to read and we are going to have fewer pages and more relevant infos on every one of them.]

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Hi TheOpSis..


Ok understood...... I suppose we are trying to help anyone trying to install High Sierra on a Thinkpad x201.


For the bolded question that you did not understand.....i will put it another way.....


1) Did you upgrade your x201 from a Sierra to a High Sierra .....

2) If you did to question 1.... was the original working Sierra image running on MBR partition?


I am no hacking expert by any stretch of the imagination but i have done and have in my possession quiet a bit of desktop and notebooks hacked with quite a few version of Mac OS X. I do not know much about installing on MBR partitions...


If you look at this thread... https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/10016-macos-x-sierra-on-thinkpad-x201-successful/

The user CrownAce specifically stated that he patched his Sierra Installer for MBR installation.


In short, I think if you can point your standard clover settings to the USB and your SSD/HD and the install works means

that you are running a MBR partition scheme and not a GPT.... in order to run a MBR internal HD/SSD you need to patch the High Sierra

installer for MBR install [i think]


There is no way you can install your Clover  standard install settings to a GPT partition scheme HD/SSD....

I hope you understand what i am trying to tell you.... 


Your instructions work only half way......... you need to remember how you installed your bootloader for the internal HD/SSD




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Yes, I did upgraded from Sierra to High Sierra as I stated before and no, it definitely was/is GPT, not MBR and also I didn't patched the installer. 


It's hard with the remembering thing, cause as I said, I made that Sierra hack about one year ago and I was struggled myself by then for about three weeks, which was fully of trial and error, until I get it work.

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Hi TheOpSis..
Ok... stop short of the final install of the bootloader to the installer HD/SSD...
Your instructions works fine for a 2 USB thumbdrive instal.... 
1) 1 small USB (2GB) for fat32 Clover bootloader install.. yes include your screen capture of your standard settings..
2) 1 USB [8GB) of Mac OS X High Sierra install using terminal [i have left instructions with you in this forum].. this usb is formatted GPT and HFS+
3) I would also advice that you include VoodooPS2Controller.kext in your EFI/kext/other so that the user will have trackpad [mouse] during installation
4) the bios version and setting for LCD screen and ACPI
Installation is straight forward and it works..... 
PS .. when you remember what you did for the internal hd boot please let me know ...

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