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High Sierra on D630


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Hello, I want to run High Sierra on my D630. I have a working El Capitan installation, can i upgrade to High Sierra? I have tried to download Sierra, but it says my Mac isn´t supported. I think i have to reconfigure my SMBios settings, but i don´t know what i should set. Thanks

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Well, you're a little late on this but, since Sierra, macOS requires a CPU with SSE4 instructions set. On mobile Core2Duo CPUs, this was introduced in Penryn family models.



By far and large, the D630 shipped with Merom models such as the T7500. If, in all likelihood, you require to upgrade, go for a T9300, they're very cheap to get these days. In case you also ignore this, the D630 requires a FSB-800 CPU, not a FSB-1066 one.


For the rest, please use the forum "Search" facility to consult existing Sierra/High Sierra on D630 threads and read existing guides for the D630.

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