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Dell latitude D630 High Serria USB and center trackpoint kexts.

Samuel Errett

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Hello, I have a Dell latitude D630 with 4gb ram @667 mhz, a T9300 @ 2.50 ghz, an 80gb hdd and I have the model with a Nivida quadro GPU. Currently this computer can boot High Serria at full resolution with functional sound, WiFi, track pad, keyboard, battery monitor, and microphone. But I can’t get the blue track point in the center of the keyboard to work. Also none of the USB ports work properly. I’ve tried several USB injector kext files but none of them worked. I’ve also tried injecting USB through my info.plist file but that causes the computer to crash during boot. Does anyone have a working USB injector kext and a PS/2 kext for the center track point? Thanks for the help!

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You'll need to remove the VoodooPS2Trackpad kext PlugIn from your ApplePS2Controller kext for the blue TrackPoint to work. You'll lose TouchPad functionalities such as 2-finger scrolling along the way. Failing that, try DrHurt's R4 PS2 controller. I can't remember if TrackPoint worked with it on the D630 (it has V2 ALPS TouchPad).



Re: USB ports, make sure you use MBP7,1 SMBIOS and this kind of USBInjector.



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