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Clover won't load with apfs.efi


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Hello everyone! I have recently updated my xps 13 9343 from sierra 10.12.6 to high sierra 10.13.6. I know my all files are converted to apfs format and I need apfs.efi or apsfdriverloader.efi in EFI clover driversUEFI64 folder to load partition. I have dual boot Windows 10. Once I place those files to that folder, clover won't boot as all. Without those files I can only see Windows partition. So now I am stuck half way. Is there a conflict? What could be wrong?

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Update your Clover version through CC and re-install the updated version over your existing one. Make sure to select all the necessary drivers through the options offered by the installation package.


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Just need to install ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi from Clover install, don't add APFS.efi

Make sure you still have HFSPlus.efi or VboxHfs.efi


If you have USB Port limit patch previously, you need to add a new one



Post your Clover folder for review if necessary

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After long time researching I've found a way around. First I reverted back to Sierra and from there I upgraded to High Sierra using startosinstall with NO ConvertToAPFS option in terminal. It worked great :D. I wonder if this trick will work with Mojave 10.14.

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