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Booting taking almost 40 seconds on Mojave


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Hi guys.  Well after a long while I decided to pull out my Dell Inspiron 3542 that I have barely used since I switched to Sierra, mostly because the system would constantly hang and crash on some sites and when the Video ads came on, even with the Lilu.kext, GraphicsFixUp and Shiki.  


So I decided to take the plunge to Mojave to see if it would work better.  To my surprise it does.  It works much better.  I'm up and running.  The only issue I  have left to solve is my boot up that seems to take 40 seconds using SSD.  


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks guys.    



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Unfortunately I got the same result.  But that's ok.  Once it boots up its pretty quick.  Maybe my config.plist needs updating?  

Thanks Jake Lo.


P.s.  Updated to Rehabman's newest config and still got the same result.  Going to experiment with DDST and SSDT files this weekend and report my results at some point next week.  

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So I was unable to get the machine to boot up faster than this.  Apparently I've read on other forums, that it is quite common.  The extra 10-15 seconds is actually not so bad compared to others who are booting up in minutes rather than seconds.  Overall though I've very happy with MojaveOS.  It's brought my Inspiron 3542 back from the dead.  

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