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First Install for Dell 5558, Mojave or High Sierra

Mazen Elzanaty

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 I'm tried to install mojave and High Sierra but i didn't reach the installing part, Mojave stuck on 853rkyga3cz11.jpg


I used this guide https://www.hackintoshzone.com/topic/18396-guide-hackintosh-mojave/


And High Sierra didn't even boot the installer 


CPU. Intel Core i5-5200U
GPU. Intel HD Graphics 6000 and nVidia 920m 2gb
RAM. 8GB DDR3, 1600 MHz


Anyone installed High Sierra or Mojave on dell 5558 can help?


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Intel HD 6000? No, iGPU of Broadwell Intel i5-5200U CPU is Intel HD 5500:



You need a boot configuration specific to your system, not just anything, i.e. a tuned-up Clover config + appropriate kexts (drivers) + eventual DSDT/SSDT patching.


On paper, the nVidia 920M can be expected to be supported OOB since it's based on Kepler architecture. However, OS X/macOS do not support Optimus, so it can only be either the HD 5500 iGPU or the GeForce 920M dGPU, not both. You may have to get the dGPU disabled, either in BIOS or through DSDT/SSDT patching.


There are many existing threads in this very section related to this Inspiron 5558 model, please consult them, especially the thread of Nov 10th!

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