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Help with Dell Inspiron 5558


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Hi There,


i require some help getting into the Mac OS Initial Setup.


The bootable usb was made from here https://internet-install.gitbook.io/macos-internet-install/


After i select boot from Mac OS it suffers a Kernel Error Later on, i have also attached a picture of this


Boot mode is set to EUFI and drive set to AHCI


Laptop Specifications


Dell Inspiron 5558




Intel HD Graphics 6000 


I have also attached the EFI file


Please do know i unfortunately do not have access to a Mac..





System Specs.PNG


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The DSDT/SSDT in your ACPI/Patched folder shows Haswell, but your Config shows Broadwell.

Where did you get these files combo?

The KP refers to your graphics card. I see your Config has the DVMT Preallocation patch so it's probably caching issue.

Boot with FakeID for IntelGfx. Once installation is done, rebuild cache. That should fix the issue.

At Clover, go to the Option menu. Look for graphics section, go down to FakeID and change it to 0x12345678

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Intel i5-5250U CPU is Broadwell generation and integrates Intel HD 6000 graphics indeed. As such, I was quite surprised to see a reference to Haswell graphics Azul framebuffer kext in your posted KP. Obviously, something must be wrong on your configuration...


Looking at your Clover configuration, I could see:

  1. Devices section: injection of some ATI + nVidia properties as well as quite a lot of properties for audio, HDMI audio and Intel graphics properties
  2. Graphics section: Inject ATI + Inject nVidia enabled
  3. SMBIOS section: incomplete MPB12,1 entry


I'd say your issues come from those device properties you chose to inject, knowing that:

  1. you should not inject any ATI and nVidia properties if you intend to run on HD6000 graphics
  2. you should not enable any ATI and nVidia injection in your Graphics section if you load latest lilu + WEG kexts which seems to be the case


Did you come up with this particular config by yourself or did you just get it from somewhere without knowing what it does?


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i was browsing through the forums looking for a fix so i had used a few configs (desperate)


i did however come across this one of yours : https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-vostro-xps-clover-guide/?tab=comments#comment-54632  and downloaded the correct files.


How can i rebuild the cache ?


i have also attached my current files.




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