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D630 Snow Leopard installation help or guidelines


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Hello everyone. This is my first time on this site and I am requesting further assistance for installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard on my Dell Latitude D630 with an Intel Core2Duo T7100 1.8GHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 60GB SATA HDD, DVD-ROM CD-RW combo (had a DVD burner, but, that isn't working at the moment), Intel GMA X3100, and Broadcom ethernet and Wireless cards. I looked in the installation guides for anything related to Snow Leopard on the Dell Latitude D630 laptop.


The laptop's display is a low resolution 1280x800 display, which is still in good working order. The major downside is the battery as it won't charge any longer, but, I can get a new one for $25 on eBay, the keyboard, trackpad, trackpoint, and everything else works. I was looking on this site for any further info: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.6.8/Portables#Latitude_D420.2C_D430.2C_D520.2C_D530.2C_D620.2C_D630.2C_D820.2C_D830, however, I'm unsuccessful to find the install guide for this laptop on this site. I'm going to buy the retail Snow Leopard version as a good measurement ($20 is a good price for the installation DVD) and in case I actually get a MacBook from 2006, I'll use the DVD to refresh it or install on an SSD.


My future plan is to install a 120GB or higher SSD for the laptop to make it boot quicker.


In the BIOS, I have the SATA drive set to AHCI, ambient light for automatic brightness control is disabled, and still nothing.

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Hi, you may refer to the following threads:


The best method for those laptops is to use myHack app for installation. Snow Leopard requires myHack version v3.1.2, available here. myHack requires you to have:

  1. access to a Hack or a Mac
  2. a copy of Snow Leopard retail DVD or a USB key with retail SL image restored to it
  3. a copy of the bootpack (the Extra folder) applicable to your computer


myHack can then be used to:

  1. create the USB installer that you'll use to install SL on your D630
  2. tune up your D630 in the post-installation phase


If you don't have access to a Hack or a Mac, you can still install SL with Nawcom's modCD. It's a bootable CD that will allow you to install SL on your D630 provided you have the SL retail DVD or a USB key with the SL retail image restored to it. The installation will not be perfect because you will not be able to use our provided bootpack (the Extra folder) but you'll be able to have SL installed with minimal functionalities. From there on, you can either complete the post-installation tuning where you'll add our bootpack and finalise your SL installation or create a new myHack USB installer with our bootpack that'll get you SL fully installed directly. I started with Nawcom's modCD all those years ago since I did not have access to a existing Hack or Mac...


Those old D Series laptops are a bit long on the tooth these days but they made excellent platforms as Hackintoshes and are close to full support on the hardware side. You'll need to pay particular attention to the wireless card you have as it may require tuning or replacement. Check our FAQ section for details. The GMA X3100-based version that you have supports OS X up to Lion 10.7.5. Mountain Lion is possible with the old MLPF trick which reverts the kernel and kexts back to 32/64bit versions of DP1. It works but it's not bug-free...


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