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[SUCCESS] DELL Inspiron 5584 CPU I5 8xxxU Only UHD 620: Help with I2C under Catalina


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This report whit this file and your SSDT, no work


Schermata 2020-01-28 alle 14.09.09.png

Schermata 2020-01-28 alle 14.08.56.png

Schermata 2020-01-28 alle 14.08.49.png


now I put the kext "BETA" 2.1.1 PS2 but same result, I really tried them all, but I can't give up now, I have to insist ......
From the vision of the ACPI origin do you have ideas ???? I have not found any ACPI folder with similar structure among the configurations found on the DELL network
I have read in some guides that removing _DSM methods is not good, so I didn't use that rename


This is the keyboard for brightness keys



MacBook Pro di Baio77.zip 0DYKNT.zip

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Jake Lo thanks for the support, for the brightness adjustment I solved it with USB mouse-keyboard, inserting the receiver and from system preferences I set everything up and it works perfectly always .........
The touchpad is missing and it just doesn't want to be activated

Schermata 2020-01-29 alle 08.41.36.png

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