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Update on Realtek PCIe SD card readers RTS52xx


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There is renewed development on the matter of Realtek's RTS52xx SD card reader building on Sinetek's initial work ūüĎć:


I've tried out Cholonam's Sinetek-rtsx kext v1.0 on my Latitude 7490 and it's now possible to read (and only read) an SD card once inserted in the reader. It can be ejected and re-inserted at will; it's just a little slow to mount (~10s) and Read-Only. Works after wake too.


RTS525a_Catalina.jpg   RTS525a_Finder.jpg


RTS525a_Info.jpg   RTS525a_DU.jpg









Supported models appear to include:

RTS5209 / RTS5227 / RTS5229 /RTS522a / RTS5249 / RTS5286 / RTS5287 / RTS5289 / RTS525a




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Cholonam has now issued a version v2.1 which appears to work for some of our Realtek RTS52xx car readers.


I've tested the driver successfully on my Latitude 7490 fitted with Realtek RTS525a microSD card reader. I experienced a read/write limitation to 5MB/s max. It was reported to chelonam who is aware of this.


Other than that, it works fine. It's probably the best we'll get for some time as Cholonam indicated he was unlikely to pursue work on his driver given that it works for the RTS525a card reader of his Dell XPS 9350. If that were the case, hopefully someone will be able to pick from there and resume work in the future.


Please note that I've only tested this driver under Catalina since that's the only version I've got installed on my Latitude 7490. Would be grateful if people would feedback with their own tests under other macOS/OS X versions.


Also note that if Clover is booted off the microSD card, laptop will need to be put through 1 x sleep/wake cycle to initialize access to the card.

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