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Latitude 7490 Catalina Stuck during Installation


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Just to be sure, you're following the Catalina guide for Catalina, right? Because your initial link pointed to the Mojave guide. Would I be right to assume that you're installing Catalina 10.15.4?


I might need to revisit Catalina's installation guide given that there were many issues with the 10.15.4 update. Will try a fresh 10.15.4's installation on the 7490 to see...

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The DSDT is not related to the MacOS version, it's related to version of BIOS and BIOS configuration and must be patched using your Native exported DSDT. 

As stated, the DSDT main / only patch is for the Brightness control.

Try this, replace Config file and add SSDT* to /E/C/ACPI/Patched


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Hello guys,

I would like to share my trouble.
I try to install Catalina (last version 10.15.4) on my 7490 (i5 version)

I followed the guide from Hervé ( tu es Français ?) but I had the same problem than Mahdiano (I was not able to boot to Setup the OS
after the second reboot).
So I removed the DSDT.aml file as Jake Lo suggested and then I added the 7490_BrightnessFnKeys package.

Now the installation is going farest but I'm not able to boot the MacOs


I had the following message about GFX ( IMG_4007.jpg)


Then i have a KP ( IMG_4006.jpg)


Could you please help me ? I have no more ideas now..







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What version of Clover are you using?

What version of Catalina are you installing?


If 10.15.4, make sure you use at least Clover r5107 and, as stated in the 10.15.4 news update, you may have to boot with -disableigfxfirmware boot parameter until your installation has fully completed.

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Hello Hervé,

Thanks for your help.


Version of Clover is : Clover_v2.5k_r5103

Version I try to install : Catalina 10.15.4


Will try to put the option -disableigfxfirmware ( but first I have to find where I have to set this option ^^)



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Hmmm, i tried Clover r5107 and clover r5117, I have a new problem now.

When I boot on the USB key , I m not able anymore to install ( 1st boot to go to the utility disk aso..)


any idea about this (I googled this without success) ?



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