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Dell Latitude 13 7370 (touch intel hd 515)


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Hi I am looking for help with getting Mojave or Catalina on my dell latitude 13 7370 touch with intel hd graphics 515. Does anyone know of any EFI sources for this machine or how I can get it working. Any help is appreciated. I am specifically looking for new version of Mac, as El Capitan is too old. Thank you in advance! 

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Hi Jake I have followed your directions carefully and double checked everything but the bootpack isn't working. I also tried the EFI from the other members posts but they don't seem to be working and are getting stuck(I let sit at the apple logo for long time). I am on bios version 1.18.5 of dell latitude 7370(touchscreen version). 

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hey Jake. I added the boot flag -igfxvesa and it gets me to the installer and I installed Catalina but the graphics are too tiny and there is no acceleration. It will not boot into installer without the addition of -igfxvesa. It say intel hd 515 21mb. Its probably worth mentioning that I am on bios 1.18.5, have the m7 processor version, touch screen.







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