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Dell Latitude 7490 - OpenCore Bootloader - Buggy Trackpad - Support Request


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I managed to get VoodooI2C to work in interrupt mode in OC after these custom patches, took me a few days to figure them out.

Hope it works for you as well:



I didn't know theres a merry bunch of us running OC on 7490. Maybe we should start a thread to fix all our remaining issues together. I for example have sleep wake issues still remaining, but will leave that for a proper thread. 


Now for some motivation:



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Nice work getting everything figured out under Clover


If you’re still having trouble compiling your DSDT (and need it for some reason (Fn key remapping for example), the following may be of some assistance: I too, experienced some errors when compiling my DSDT in MacIASL (was following the OC wiki on Dortania.) By using an alternate fork of MacIASL, and disassembling the DSDT .aml file to a .dsl file, I managed to get it to compile  without errors (key points below and detailed instructions at RehabMan’s laptop DSDT patching guide 


No I haven’t found that the right-hand section of my palm-rest heats up under MacOS. The machine seems to run cooler under OSX and is definitely much quieter than under Windows - the fan noise was insane with Win10. 


Key points for compiling DSDT file:

  1. Use clover boot loader to dump your DSDT (by pressing the F4 key at the boot screen). [I already dumped by DSDT under Win10 but figured this method might give a cleaner DSDT file].
  2. Install RehabMan’s fork of MacIASL to Applications folder [this version seems to perform differently to the acidanthara release recommended by the Dortania OC wiki]. I can’t find a link to it but have attached the file to this post.
  3. Install iasl tools to /usr/bin
  4. Copy iasl tools to the MacIASL.app directory in Applications
  5. Disassemble your DSDT.aml file from clover. No need for -da option. No need for refs.txt
  6. Open the resulting .dsl file in MacIASL and try to compile. You should only get 3 errors.
  7. Replace the “If (LEqual (PM6H, One))” section with the amended one as explained in the guide
  8. Try to compile -> 1 error remaining ->
  9. Rename XTBT and add the XTB2 method before XTBT

Now you can compile. Remember to save the error free dsdt as a .dsl file (patches can be applied to this).


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Yes totally onboard with the idea to get a little community going. I came across a blog post which listed the 7490 as its top recommendation for hackintoshing. If people took that advice there must be many more of us.


What sleep related issues have you being experiencing? I haven't had the occasion to verify what is/ isn't working yet beyond what's obvious so haven't picked up on any other issues yet (not tested ports, audio out etc).


So on booting back into OpenCore this evening - after having used Clover for the last week - I was surprised to discover that my trackpad doesn't work at all anymore under OpenCore (despite making no changes). Even with XOSI & GPIO; XOSI config patch,; DSDT patches etc. So damn strange. Also tried your suggested .config patches but that didn't work either. Any idea of what could be going on?


Could you share your OC folder with us? Or give a detailed guide of how you got the trackpad working and what kind of issues you experienced along the way?

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Here's my EFI. Its not fully optimised as mentioned it has some smaller issues to iron out, but that's for another thread I suppose. Lets see if this helps with native-like trackpad first, and maybe a separate thread just 7490 running OpenCore to fix the rest of the issues we may have.


PS: Here a list of things that do not work yet, which I have tested: 

  • Touchpad Buttons (No hope)
  • Micro SD Card Reader (Disabled on purpose as it kernel panics on Wake)
  • Sleep (Device sleeps fine, but upon wake system freezes)
  • SideCar (only works on wired mode)
  • Fn Speciality Keys (not fully mapped for brightness yet. I believe one of the Kext is conflicting)
  • Everything else works very well


EFI OC059 10.15.5.zip

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  • 2 months later...

I moved to OpenCore 0.6 and the trackpad only jumps from time to time. BUT I have found something interesting: in the OC picker, where you select the operating system, the mouse moves AND the physical buttons work. Later in Catalina/Big Sur buttons don't work.


Why could be that?


Summoning @Jake Lo and @Hervé in case they know the reason.

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