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Latitude 7490: no macOS partition in Clover Boot Manager


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I think I know what happened when I lost the MacOS partition.Actually all was working fine before. I had my laptop connected to an external screen by HDMI, with a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse. The laptop was closed all the time. Usually, I activate the "sleep" mode when I don't use it. But the last time, I shut down the computer while closed and connected (HDMI). At this point, the macOS partition was lost. Does anyone experienced this issue?

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Ok, understood. I don't know what exactly is doing the DSDT.aml file. I only saw that it has something to de with the motherboard (nothing less...). Nevertheless, since I removed this file, the computer is not able to boot the first time. It always takes two times to boot properly with a message saying (your computer didn't boot normally etc.). Is that normal? 

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Same issue "your computer has restarted because of a problem" even after rebuilding the cache.


I found that by pressing F11 at the clover boot menu, it does boot without any problem. If I don't press F11 to clear NVRAM, it cannot boot properly. Also sometimes I lose the brightness control. I think it has something to do with it. Maybe something about the BIOS, no?



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