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Latitude 7300: issues on Catalina 10.15.5


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I have installed MAC OS Catalina 10.15.5 on a Dell Latitude 7300. Intel i5-8365U processor, 16GB RAM and 512GB NVME


-Graphics (Intel 620)
-Touchpad, included gestures but NO buttons

WIFI, with an external usb dongle


Not Working:
-Internal Wifi (Intel 9560)


The cpu fan works continuously and heats up a lot more than in windows (MAC OS is installed on a different ssd)

This is my EFI and my debug file. It is the first time that I create a debug file, I don't know if it is correct.
Can you help me?

debug_11928.zip EFI.rar

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Your NVMe drive most likely don't have PM. Try adding NVMEFix.kext

Audio...strange your Config shows layout-id=13 but your IOReg files show layout-id=3, yet generic_ioreg.kext shows layoutid=3 as well. So you must've some conflict somewhere.

Your Intel wifi/BT combo is not ready for support yet. Though you should be able to find IntelBlueboothIjector somewhere that might work. There's also Intel wifi semi support as well, you can find that in one of our research section. Currently the system with crash if the Intel kext is loaded on boot, so you'll need to manually load it after boot and you'll need to hardcode in the SSID and password in the info.plist of the kext

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@Bronxteck, I have visited this thread and installed SMIMonitor.kext, but I don't see the way to read cpu temperatures


@Jake Lo, I have installed NVME.kext, although I have MACOS installed on a m.2 ssd (not NVME).
Regarding the sound, both the internal speaker outputs and the usb audio outputs appear to me and it allows me to regulate the volume bars, but nothing is heard in either.

Thanks to both. Do I put any new debug?

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@Bronxteck, Installed HWMonitor and IntelPowerGadget. Temperatures are heat, but controlled


@Jake Lo, Can you link to a manual to do it?

                <string>Audio Controller</string>
                <string>Realtek ALC295 High-Definition Audio</string>
Thanks to both of you

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Are you really saying you need a manual to modify your config file and change layout 13 (the line you quite rightly highlighted) to 15 or 17 ?


Well, maybe you ought to use Clover Configurator app to avoid corrupting your Clover config file. You'll find your audio properties injection in the Devices tab -> Properties box.

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When I asked about the manual, I hadn't seen the config.plist and edited to put it in, though I'm not sure it's the correct way to do it.
Editing the config.plist with a text editor, I get sound from the usb output through speakers connected to a dock, although from the internal speakers there is no way to get sound, although it allows me to select them.

Thanks for your interest and answers.

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Editing such config files in a text editor is often a bad idea because they contain Base64 data. As such, dedicated tools like Clover Configurator or plist editors such as PlistEdit Pro or that provided by XCode are highly recommended.


Re: speaker output, experiment with the various codec layouts listed on the AppleALC wiki. I also notice that you do not use CodecCommander kext so I suggest you try that too. Note that it has to be cached from /L/E, not injected from Clover.

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