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LENOVO YOGA S1 - High Sierra fine tuning


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Hello to all,


I finally could install macOS High Sierra on my Yoga S1 but need the help of some experts here on this forum.


First my specs:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 4200u
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4400


It seems that this laptop is promising but I still have a lot of work.


What does not work for now:

  • sleep/wake
  • correct battery percentage level
  • functions keys of the keyboard (volume up/down, display lighting level...)
  • trackpad is working as a mouse with no gesture at all


May I ask some help from this community in order to get my DSDT correctly patched and also check if my clover config.plist is correct ? Also I am not really sure that all my kext are necessary or missing.


Thanks in advance for you help!




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Thanks a lot for this Jake Lo!


I used your files  and now the sound is working, also the shortcut keys on the keyboard to adjust the volume level are working too!

Battery percentage is now showing and sleep/wake are working well.

 My trackpad isn't working anymore and I don't have the possibilty to adjust the brightness level no option showing in the display setting also the shortcut keys on the keyboard are not working too


Do you think you can help me with this too?


Thanks in advance for your precious help !


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Jake Lo I made some changes to my configuration and I am now using opencore 6.0 on this laptop and I have updated it to Mojave.


I have to say that the system is running good and I really feel that it could be possible to make it near perfection using opencore.


I still have some issue as sometimes the display flashes and I have strange glitches.


I also have trackpad working with gestures but the click is not a little bit jerky.


Sleep and wake function seems to works but is not very stable.


May I ask you if you could have a look at my OpenCore folder in order to check if I Could improve things


Thanks in advance for your help!

EFI 2.zip

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Some update:


I have now fully updated this laptop to Mac OS X Catalina 10.15.7 and everything is working but not perfectly working.


For exemple when the laptop wake up from sleep, it take a very long time and some devices like the trackpad loose certain functionality like scrolling.


Performance of the laptop is good otherwise. I used a mix of some different files found on the web to make it working with opencore V6


I also now have sound and brightness control with the function keys on the keyboard.


Bluethooth adapter is working but no so well, it see devices but is unable to pair to it.


I used the patched DSDT and SSDT files created by Jake Lo.


Jake Lo, thanks a lot for this, these files made it possible to use opencore as boot loader!!!


May I ask you what does the SSDT-2.aml that you create for me does? It(s the only on that I did not imported in my OC ACPI folder.


I would love to fix my last issue with sleep/wake.


Do you think you can help me with this, maybe you could have a look to my OC folder to check if it doesn't contains junk or bad configuration ?


Thanks in advance for your help. 




EFI 2.zip

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Jake Lo I made the changes now but still no more 2 fingers scrolling  when the laptop wake. My touchpad is a Synaptics one.


Something I did remark is that I also need to push the power button to wake the laptop from sleep state, just opening the lid, or taping on the keyboard does not work.


Also, power led keep blinking after it wake up from sleep.



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