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Lenovo V530 Tower gt 730 Mojave


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Hi Everyone,

I start with a new adventure on new Hackintosh build.

System is a Lenovo V530 Tower with intel i5-8400 cpu, 12gb ddr4, Nvidia GT730 2gb ddr5 with motherboard chipset intel B360.

I think to install Mojave on it because read in some forum online that someone have this Nvidia gpu work fine on Mojave.

I try to start installation but always have some problem and can-t know how can I do.

With this last Efi in attached I have error and stuck after sleep states s3 s4 s5 or other things.....

There is someone can have similar configuration that can help me please?

advanced thanks 


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I fail to see the likely relation between the error message you get and the GT730 card.


Looking at your Clover config through Clover Configurator, I see an incomplete and incorrect SMBIOS section so you probably ought to correct that. iMac18,1 is a Kaby Lake platform and you have a Coffee Lake computer. Use CC to properly select and use a suitable SMBIOS.

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I don't think that relevant either. Bear in mind that the last iMac with nVidia Kepler cards were late 2013/early 2014 Haswell iMac 14,x. You may have to set your SMBIOS to one of those or pick a Coffee Lake SMBIOS that you may try and bastardized with the board-id of a Kepler-fitted iMac14,x.

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