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Latitude 7400 OpenCore


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thanks Hervé. I've followed carefully step by step. I'm booting and everything works fine. Even the TrackPad and buttons which were not working properly under Clover are now fully functional.

Only issue is the About This Mac which does not seem to pick properly the model and serial number. Any obvious reason when looking at my EFI folder attached.?

Also I'm wondering if the Audio solution is the best one given that the Jack does not work (but it didn't either in Clover..)

Next step when system is stable to upgrade de Big Sur :-)



Screenshot 2020-11-17 at 00.06.08.png


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Hi Jack, the brightness controls with the Fn key do not work with your SSDT.

I think that I can live without..thanks for trying anyway


I have another issue. When launching the Big Sur installation via software update, the app starts then fails at 12min exactly prompting to reboot the system. In fact, the system doesn't reboot, it's just restarting the Finder.  any idea what could cause this issue or a workaround to this install process? I've tried several times and it fails constantly at 12min


Should I try to upgrade running the Big Sur installer from a Mac.?

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Have you tried layout-id 3, 13, and / or 15 for audio?

Have you tried rebooting manually and see if there's a new boot option?

You can download a full app from your 7400 and create an USB installer. 

Boot from your current EFI and select the Installer from the picker

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Hi Jack.

I ended up installing Big Sur using a USB installer.

WiFi, BT, TrackPad incl buttons fully working!. I'm a happy user :-) especially after this painful install process.

When you say to try the layout-id, is this in the boot args or using the device properties device injection process?

I will do further testing but seems so far that the only non working parts are the brightness controls with Fn keys and audio jack. I would love to fix those but as I said, I can easily live without


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