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HDMI not working on Latitude 7480 10.15.5


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Yes, you were right i didn't pay attention to what properties you mentioned. but should i use those exact values ? i did copy those values but it didn't work . i tried using another connector (con2 which is spposed to be te hdmi port) but it still didn't work.

i used this as reference to choosing the connector number

Now if we look deeper into your IOReg...

FB@0 -> connector-type = 02 00 00 00 and port number = 0x0 (built-in LCD)

FB@1 -> connector-type = 00 04 00 00 and port number = 0x5 (no device connected)

FB@2 -> connector-type = 00 04 00 00 and port number = 0x6 (external display)



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I tried switching to MBP14,1 but that didn't work. should i delete the framebuffer properties i added earlier and try the MBP14,1 SMBIOS ?
Edit : " i deleted the properties but it didn't work either, still no signal on HDMI "


2nd Edit : MBP14,2 worked. Thanks Hervé & JakeLo

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