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Dell Inspiron 3x37-5x37-7x37 Clover Installation


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Can you remove the "layout-id" and see if it still works?

It's left out on my E7x40 and E7450 systems and HDMI audio still works.

Yes it works. Thanks very much.


Now i'm experiencing weird problem.

If i am using the OSX for a few hours, it starts to be very laggy the mouse freezes a little like the framerate would be low in a game.

Also when i shutdown after those few hours it never turns off correctly the power light stays on and i have to hold the power off button for a few seconds to turn it off.


The weirdest issue with this is that if i use it for like half an hour or so it works smoothly and shuts down correctly.

Any advice appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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Alright: So I Upgraded from Yosemite to the 10.12 Sierra Public Beta and *ALMOST* everything works folks:



So it looks like when I try to rebuild the KextCache using RehabMan's method for the ALC982, this is the output at the end:

Code (Text):
kxld[org.tw.CodecCommander]: The following symbols are unresolved for this kext:

kxld[org.tw.CodecCommander]: IOHIKeyboard::attachToChild(IORegistryEntry*, IORegistryPlane const*)

kxld[org.tw.CodecCommander]: IOHIKeyboard::newUserClient(task*, void*, unsigned int, OSDictionary*, IOUserClient**)

kxld[org.tw.CodecCommander]: IOHIKeyboard::detachFromChild(IORegistryEntry*, IORegistryPlane const*)

kxld[org.tw.CodecCommander]: IORegistryEntry::_RESERVEDIORegistryEntry0()

Link failed (error code 5).

Prelink failed for org.tw.CodecCommander; omitting from prelinked kernel.

KernelCache ID: 55899612A84DCCE2F11AE80AFF4C6DF5

symlink("/System/Library/PrelinkedKernels/prelinkedkernel", "/System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/kernelcache") failed 17 (File exists) <createPrelinkedKernel 2795>

Also: It appears that the VodooPS2Controller is failing: when I use F5, it is being recognized as B, and I can't edit the Trackpad settings in the Preferences yet

Also 2: I can't disable the Screen Flashing in Accessibility > Audio > Flash the screen when an alert sound occurs - no matter how many time i toggle [onn/off] since it's off by default, the screen still flashes!

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Good afternoon all! I have a [basically] great working Sierra install that last night decided to quit out on me.


booting takes me to a timeout error and I have no clue how I'm supposed to recover from this [see attached]


I tried updating Clover by installing the newest build to a usb drive, copying the required files and then overwriting my /EFI/CLOVER partition but for some reason no matter how many times I replace /EFI/CLOVER it always reads the oldest build number [3599]


I also to remove the troublesome kext but was left not knowing which was the actual culprit... any ideas as to this error?


Thank you for any help!



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EFI/BOOT/Clover generated efi file should be only file in that folder


Ahhh gotchya! 




Alright so I've definitely narrowed it down to an issue with CLOVER, as I created another partition and installed a fresh copy of Sierra to it, and booting to it failed terribly as well.


I [at first] used my personal config.plist with my personal acpi/patched folder, that booted the new partition just as far as my error above.

Next, I used a generic config.plist with no acpi/patched, and it booted far but didn't get anywhere.


Attached you will find my EFI/CLOVER compressed with everything except the themes folder, and has debug.log at CLOVER/misc.


debug.log is showing on the top half, a failed boot to my macOS Partition containing Sierra, and then a successful boot to my MacintoshHD partition containing El Capitan, which I am writing this post from.


If you could take a look and tell me if you see anything wonky it'd be extremely appreciated!



Current HDD setup:


HDD1: [layout: Partition name + Recovery - current OS installed]

Partition 1: MacintoshHD + Recovery - El Capitan

Partition 2: macOS2 + recovery - Sierra partition in process of installation

Partition 3: macOS + recovery  - [once] working Sierra partition



Partition 1: Windows 10

EFI/BOOT/Clover generated efi file should be only file in that folder


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