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Dell Inspiron 3520 help (El Capitan)


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15 hours ago, Jake Lo said:

Downgrade Bios back to the old 😁



Well, Dell has instructions for downgrading bios. But this one will now work.


Run as admin,


Also did the, run cmd box as administrator, then,  C:\ bios_name /forceit


Neither work. 


Unless there is a 3rd party flash software I can use? May not be safe? This last update was to cover vulnerability in CPU kernel?


Screen will light up if I boot without dsdt, but it runs like C#@P, and it takes over 5 minutes to boot.


Maybe needs a DSDT edit? HD3000 graphics set to defaults in Clover.

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Thanks for the help. :)


LCD lights up, but it's a bit buggy.

Sometimes boots up like I would expect. 

Other times,  it takes longer to boot, and then when it reaches desktop it has brightness all the way up, there is no brightness control in  Preferences >> Displays, and Icon for dual-monitors is showing like there is a projector or another monitor hooked up.

Then it can take anywhere from 1 to several reboots to get it to boot to normal desktop. 

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