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sierra kext pack for dell d630/d830 nvidia 135


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i made a thread regarding a stubborn issue i have once i am able to install using the kext pack from this thread  https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8139-complete-set-of-files-cloverenoch-for-el-capitansierra/


my specs are cpu x9000 

nvidia 135m 

8gigs of ram 

using ssd 128gigs 


at first  all is nice the multiplier shows at x14 but i reboot then it drops to x6 also stays there making the laptop run like a snail but when this dont happen its sweet apart from not being able to shut down or restart etc but those i can live with why is my cpu dropping in speeds or the entire os becomes a snail i have done research on this matter so far im the only one who seems to have it , could it be some setting i need to fix due to have a core 2 extreme? is it because i have 8 gigs of ram where most dont ? is there something i need to establish or fix? does anyone have a working tweaked kext pack for sierra on the specs of my laptop d630 or d830 same i checked , i would appreciate if anyone can help or provide a working tweaked kext pack , 



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It's the same pack as with El Capitan.



Same installation process too.



Regarding poor performance, it's all explained here and here. The posted packs already include the necessary tuning.

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