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Lion Mostly Working On D620, But No Sound or PC Card Slot?


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I finally got Lion 10.7.5 working on my D620 (I'm writing this from it now), and after downgrading the Nvidia drivers to their 10.7.0 counterparts, I have a good quality display.


However, there are two things that are not a super big deal, but annoying. First, I have a PC card audio interface I want to use. As far as I know, it's CoeAudio capable, so I just need to get the PC card slot working. EDIT: I've searched around a bit, and I found a few things that suggest it is possible, but apparently it causes me to have no Wifi (I don't have any now anyway, but I would like to have it working once I get a compatible card, so this is important). Has this been resolved?


Second, the built-in sound chip seems to be recognized I can record stuff), but I can't hear anything over the speaker. I didn't have this problem under Snow Leopard. Can't remember if I had sound in 10.7.0, though.


So, if there are any kexts to fix one or both issues, I'd be super happy. Otherwise, I'm still okay with it, since it's working well enough to be a competent (if not somewhat slow) internet machine (it's a bit faster under Windows for some reason).


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Use the Lion bootpack available here on a myHack-based installation. There is absolutely no need to downgrade any nVidia drivers in Lion for this model. The pack includes performance tuned kexts so that you'll have native CPU SpeedStep and GPU throttling, something you do not appear to enjoy at present.


For BIOS settings, adjust yours according to the recommendations posted in this very forum section.


PC Card support was dropped by Apple in SL 10.6.7, so it's a lost cause with any subsequent OS X version.

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Hmm, I see.


Is it possible to install 10.6.6's PC card kexts?


If not, I guess I'll just have to downgrade it to that version (I don't NEED Lion, as it really doesn't have much more support than SL does at this point anyway, and I like SL better :) ).



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OK, I've installed 10.6.6, and aside from a snafu with iTunes (10.6.3 should work, but the installer doesn't seem to think so), it's working fine.


I have also found IOPCMCIAFamily.kext and IOPCIFamily.kext that have been patched to work on Snow Leopard, so I installed those to see what would happen.


It seems now it sees more stuff on the PCI bus (the two WiFi cards I installed, and the CardBus bridge, which I presume is the PC Card slot), the entry for which was previously blank. This means my PC Card slot is probably working now, but there's still no action from the sound card I want to use.


It's a Digigram VxPocket v2, and judging by the search results I've gotten, getting any OS other than OS 9/10.2 to support it is highly uncertain to succeed due to lack of drivers.


I thought it should present itself as a CoreAudio device?


I know ASIO4All is popular on Windows to attain better support for these sorts of audio devices, so is there anything similar for OS X?


Otherwise, I'm content with the system, so if I can't get this card to work, I guess I'll have to find another one that does.



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