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Help for Dell D620


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I've never used a Mac before and honestly, I don't know anybody that has one. However, I'd like to try Mac OSX.


I have a Dell D620 with Intel 950 graphics. However, since I've gotten it I've replaced the CPU with an Intel Core 2 Duo T7600 (64 bit capable) and have upgraded to an SSD and 4GB RAM.


I'd like to install the latest OSX that my machine will run. The problem is, that the tutorial here, and even the ones on Youtube say that I have to already have a Mac to use some of the tools. I don't even know anybody that has one. Is there a workaround for this?


I have a retail version of 10.7.2 if that helps. Also, the link for the clover files doesn't work on the compatibility page.


Any help any of you can give me would be greatly appreciated.




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The latest OS X version you can run on a D620 with GMA950 is Lion 10.7.5. From Mountain Lion 10.8, Apple dropped support for the obsolete Intel GMA GPU.


For Lion, we advocate you build a USB installer using myHack utility. If you have no access to a Mac or an existing Hack, try using a virtual machine. You can use the Lion bootpack available here.


Please note that the D620 is fitted with Intel ICH7-M I/O controlller so disk mode is limited to IDE, not AHCI and SATA-II (3Gb/s) speed. Your SSD will therefore only appear like a traditional HDD and you'll have no support for Trim. Still, it'll run faster than a good old HDD.

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