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Dell Inspiron 5558 Sierra


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What Works:

  • Battery Indicator
  • Bluetooth (with aftermarket DW1560 card)
  • Display Brightness Slider
  • Graphics (HD 5500, no GeForce 920M for sure)
  • Keyboard
  • Power Management
  • Touchpad (basic operations, no multitouch)
  • Webcam
  • Wireless (with aftermarket DW1560 card)

What Doesn't Work:

  • Sound (ALC255)
  • Multitouch gestures



So the question is how to make sound to work? 

I tried 2 different kexts + patching using MaciASL- messed up whole system, maybe I did something wrong.

I tried VoodooHDA- sound is working, but the quality is poor, especially in headphones.


Any suggestions? Thanks.


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You don't have DSDT/SSDT patches, that's why my Config would cause KP.

I see you have AppleALC in your Kext folder, I assume it's for ALC255, but you need to set the layout-id to load it.

Do you know the layout-id? 

Set that to your Config file under Devices / Audio / Inject.


If you are going to use my Config file, you'll need to copy the DSDT/SSDT and Kext files as well.

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