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Sierra D630 not booting


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Hello again!

I went to have another crack at hackintoshing my D630, and still can't pull it off

There are 2 problems i see with the install

1. I have a T6670 which is penryn, but might not work, i don't know

2. I saw that in one of the kernel panics it identified this machine as MacBook4,1, not MBP7,1

Any help would be appreciated!

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T6670 is indeed Penryn family, so Ok for Sierra.


I posted a detailed step-by-step Sierra guide in the Installation Guides section of the forum; I suggest you refer to it and follow it. Bootpack available in the guide and in the dedicated thread of this very D6xx support section. You will not be able to install Sierra using a MB4,1 SMBIOS. My guide is very explicit on this SMBIOS matter...

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I did follow the guide, and I might've missed a few steps, I'll go back and look at it.


However I do not have ready access to an Intel Mac, although I do have a PMAC G4 which can't run the enoch installer.

EDIT: I found the problem, I copied the bootpack to the USB, but didn't extract it. I guess I just thought it was just some kexts.

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When you're at the "waiting for root device", try and take out your installation USB key then plug it back.


BIOS is downgradable on the D630. Reversed myself from A18/A19 to A17 before. But it's not what's causing your issue. BIOS reversal is more for BIOS password recovery. They can be hacked with a readily-available tool up till BIOS A17, not with subsequent versions.

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To Jake: I have the BIOS settings set exactly to what that document said.

To Herve: I actually thought about doing that, but for some reason, decided against it. I'll try it when I get home. Also I think it wasn't letting me downgrade the BIOS since the T6670 isn't supposed to be in the D630 especially since the BIOS doesn't recognize the T6670 by model number.

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