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Sierra D630 not booting


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Looks like I celebrated too soon, I've reinstalled Sierra twice exactly like the guide and if I boot with no parameters I get a memory allocation error, but if I boot with -f, I can get in, but i would like it to boot up without me having to intercept the boot up sequence to type in -f.

Ps: I did try reseating the memory


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Repair permission and rebuild cache, then try booting without -f

      sudo chmod -Rf 755 /L*/E*

      sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /L*/E*
      sudo touch -f /L*/E*
      sudo chmod -Rf 755 /S*/L*/E*
      sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /S*/L*/E*
      sudo touch -f /S*/L*/E*
      sudo kextcache -Boot -U /
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If you want to boot without cache, you need to use boot options KernelBooter_kexts=Yes -f. Kexts will then load from /E/E because /L/E is ignored when booting without cache. You may add -v for verbose mode.


This error message is due to an incorrect or missing cache/prelinked kernel. So, once you've booted up, rebuild you cache/prelinked kernel. Refer to the FAQ forum section for guidance.

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