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Lenovo ThinkPad E470: install macOS High Sierra/Mojave/Catalina


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CLOVER_Lenovo_ThinkPad_E470_26.02.2019.zip  Jake Lo help with everything!!!


EFI LENOVO E470 CATALINA KEYBOARD DSDT April2020 ******* NEW 16/04/2020


Hi my friends!!! I wish share my Clover folder that im pass hours and weeks to get install High Sierra (works with Mojave too).

Im use Create Install Media to prepare usb boot, install Clover bootloader and replace my clover folder.

That great  @Jake Lo  help me with very much!!! 




Audio with AppleALC.kext. Help from Mirone

Brightness works slide and Keyboard F5 F6 with DSDT compiled by Jake Lo!!!! 

Bluetooth works like a charm.

HDMI fix display colors and audio 

Battery display works fine, and percent is correct.

Trackpoint works too, with version by Jake Lo!!!! 

Trackpad works very good, inclusive the buttons 

SD Card works very awesome with @Jake Lo config.plist add ID on Devices. 

HD intel 620 video onboard no more Glitches compiled by Jake Lo!!!!  

Power off, restart  and sleep works fine too, thanks Jake Lo for DSDT 


Now works perfect

Im have issue with Keyboard key "?" and "/" but im add English Keyboard 105 alt with Brazilian Keyboard ABNT2 and works.

Update: Thanks to Armenio! Here's a modified kext to fix the issue if you have a Brazilian keyboard


DSDT compiled use together with another kexts without modified. Not need modified Voodo kext. ALL IS IN EFI ABOVE FOR DOWNLOAD.


dsdt tecla lenovo max e470.zip


Just for help some people to install on this model, because is good Laptop, 16 GB Ram, intel 7th i5.

Its possible use same folder to use USB install or use for EFI in HD.


Not work

Wireless card need replace for compatible with M.2 NGFF because Qualcomm not works.


My wireless and bluetooth card replaced for this card and work with my kexts on post.




Bios config for install (after install choice as you need):



       Wake On Lan: Disabled

       UEFI IPV4: Disabled

       UEFI IPV6: Disabled


       UEFI Bios Support: Enabled

       Always On USB: Enabled

       Charge in Battery Mode: Enabled

       USB 3.0 Mode: Enabled


        Trackpoint: Disabled

        Trackpad: Enabled

        Fn Ctrl swap:Disabled

        Fn sticky key: Disabled

        F1-F12 primary: Disabled


        Boot display: ThinkPad LCD

        Total graphics memory: 512 MB

        Boot time extension: Disabled


        Intel speed step: Enabled

        Mode AC: Max Performance

        Mode Battery: Battery Optimization

        Scheme for AC: Max Performance

        Scheme for Battery: Balanced

        CPU Power Management: Enabled

        Power On With AC: Disabled

        Intel Rapid Start: Disabled

Beep and Alarm

        Password Beep: Disabled

        Keyboard Beep: Disabled


        Intel Hyper Threading Technology: Enabled

        Intel AMT (Active Management)  {BE CAREFUL HERE}

        AMT Control: Permanently Disabled (*** Caution ***)

         This can't be Enabled again after permanently disabling


          All passwords are unset


          Predesktop Authentication: Disabled

          Reader Priority: Internal Only

          Security Mode: Normal

Security Chip

          Security Chip Selection: Intel PTT

          Security Chip: Disabled

          Physical Presence Provisioning: Disabled

          Physical Presence Clear: Disabled

UEFI Bios Update Option

          Flash BIOS updating End User: Enabled

          Secure Rollback Prevention: Disabled

Memory Protection

          Execution Prevention: Enabled


          Intel Virtualization Technology: Enabled

          Intel VT-d Feature: Disabled

I/O Port Access

          All except Fingerprint: Enabled

Internal Device Access

          Bottom Cover Tamper Detection: Disabled

          Internal Storage Tamper Detection: Disabled


          Computrace: Permanently Disabled (*** Caution ***)

          This can't be re-enabled after permanently disabling

Secure Boot

           Secure Boot: Disabled

           Platform Mode: Setup Mode

           Secure Boot Mode: Custom


Network Boot: PCI LAN

UEFI/Legacy Boot: UEFI Only (***CSM Enabled***)

Boot Mode: Quick Boot

Boot Device List Option: Enabled

Boot Order Lock: Disabled



You must need generate new SMBIOS MacbookPro 14,1 on Clover Configurator to add on config.plist



Im decide use High Sierra and Mojave, but sometimes  not works fine with AuthenticationsClient program for Digital e-token signature. Im use essentially to work.


** @Jake Lo was compile my DSDT and Maldon.

So many thanks for this both Genius and @armenio help us with your post and Maldon from Olarila compile DSDT!!! 







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Try this for F4 and F5 for Brightness


These kexts are not needed, can be removed:







Can also remove 

aDummy.kext + HDAEnabler.kext and disable AppleHDA patch in Config file

Replace with AppleALC.kext



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Hi @Jake Lo, you are a genius!!! Thanks a lot, works AppleALC very fine. 

The Keyboard still control just on slide, but im so glad for your help!!!

If you want im test other think im will...😎


@Jake Lo im have a extra question, just for know: why when boot usb install, in High Sierra only, not work usb mouse wireless or cable? Its normal or have some issue to fix this? Im notice that the same EFI with usb install with Mojave works fine mouse on install...thanks my friend!!!

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Hi Jake im notice that after feel restarts, AppleALC not recognize internal Microfone, and SD Card desapear.

So im use last Efi folder that im back-up (always) and use yours Keys to Bright Keyboard, your last files above, DSDT, SSDT-KBD.aml and VoodooPs2, except config.plist...


SD cards go back, im use AppleHDA.kext by Mirone without AppleALC in other folder, to get recognize Microfone internal. Im so thankful for your help!!!

Thanks!! Im use last build from Mojave 10.14.3 (for test) and im will test with High Sierra too.



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