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Lenovo ThinkPad E470: install macOS High Sierra/Mojave/Catalina


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Hi all, im wish edit my first post, to add the new Voodops2controller.kext because @armenio help us with precious information to config plist from this kext. See here: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/13134-thinkpad-e470-keyboard-layout/


But im notice that was occurs a error when im try click on edit my first post. Are you moderators can be fi that? Thanks!!! @Jake Lo or @Hervé 

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Hi @Cocofexe im need to know how knowlegde level you have about Hackintosh install. If was a beginner im suggest you se all post about install, because im write step by step except get flash usb. But is not difficult, especially because in Apple website has command in terminal to do this. If you cannot install from another macOs system, im suggest you try Olarila.com forum with images for you choose your chipset. So you can burn your usb with balenaEtcher from windows, and change EFI folder for mine on first post.


If you follow @Jake Lo link, its is exactly what im said for you....Thanks!!

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Are you on OC or Clover?

It's really easy on Clover, just add these 2 kexts (VoodooSMC + VoodooRMI), and if necessary, delete VoodooPS2Mouse and VoodooPS2trackpad plugins in VoodooPS2Controller.

For OC, you'll need to add the 2 kexts in sequence and disable PS2mouse and PS2trackpad via Config/kexts/block or better to just delete them.


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