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Dell Latitude 7490 - Installation Mojave 10.15.x with a dualboot - Support Request


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that's it, i managed to install it.


It wasn't easy but I did it. I will write exactly what I did. Like this, everyone can repeat it if needed. 

So, firstly, I did a virtual machine with VMWare. (I did with virtual box first but I think that I lost a lot of time for nothing with it). I install a 10.15 Catalina. Not the 10.15.6. Before to start the installation, I disable SIP. Like this I don't have trouble with it later. To do it, just type this in Terminal: 

csrutil disable

When this was done, I downloaded an old version of Mojave. I downloaded the 10.14.4. And not the 10.14.6. I put my USB key 16GB in my USB port, makes it visible but the VM. To format the key in GUID partition scheme, I type. 

diskutil partitionDisk /dev/disk# GPT JHFS+ "USB" 100%

Afterwards, to build my Mojave 10.14.4 USB installer, I type : 

sudo "/Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/Resources/USB" --volume /Volumes/USB



  • I downloaded the "Clover_v2.4k_r4919.pkg.zip". Not the r5119 Version because it wasn't working. Clover didn't recognize the 10.14.4 installer (I don't know why)
  • I downloaded the "Clover_Configurator.zip" and the "7490_Mojave_Clover_Pack_#9.zip" from the "Hervé" tuto. 
  • I installed the clover r4919 on my USB key, (I had to go in security to accept the installation). 
  • I copied the 2 folders and the config in EFI/CLOVER on my USB EFI. 


After that, my USB to install the macOS Mojave 10.14.4 was ready. I can turn off my VM. Now I start my Dell latitude and put well BIOS settings from the "Hervé Tuto" about it. My BIOS in ready, I can put my USB key in my computer.


BUT WATCH OUT ! I can't do the install with every USB port. I can't explain why but, with the USB port on the right of my computer, it's not working. Same for the closer of the UCB type C port. If I do that, the boot for the installation after the clover menu block. 


So now, that the USB key is ready and that I know what is the well USB port to use I can start the installation. 

  • I put the USB key in the right USB port (not on the right part of the computer, but on the left part, the farest USB port of the USB type-C port).
  • I choose "macOS install from ..." with the space key (before the 5sec cool down) I add -v and 0x... debug


The installation start and everything go well. I'm now on the Mojave install. 

  • choose the 4th choose (editing Disk)
  • Formate the well Disk where you want to install Mac (choose macOS extension journaly with GUID schema)
  • quite it now
  • choose the 2nd choose (install macOS)


Here we go, you can choose your settings and let it install. Your computer will reboot. You will be on the clover of your USB key and now you have 2 choose. 

  • choose your SSD (not the USB), I don't remember the name of my SSD but it was like continue the install ion or something like that


Now you will install your macOS on your SSD. It's gonna be a little it long (like 20-30min). When it's finished, you will choose your settings and GG. Your Hackintosh Work. 

You have an mackintosh in macOS 10.14.4. You will need to install clover on your SSD now. To do that :

  • download  the "Clover_v2.4k_r4919.pkg.zip". 
  • I downloaded the "Clover_Configurator.zip" and the "7490_Mojave_Clover_Pack_#9.zip" from the "Hervé" tuto. 
  • I installed the clover r4919 on my SSD, (I had to go in security to accept the installation). 
  • I copied the 2 folders and the config in EFI/CLOVER on my SSD EFI. 


Reboot and your computer is fine. 

How to go to a macOS Catalina 10.15.6 ?  I will explain what I did to go to the 10.15.6 Version. 

  1. Downloaded r5119 Clover from GitHub and "7490_Catalina_Clover_Pack_#3"
  2. Installed r5119 Clover on the SSD where macOS 10.14.4 is installed
  3. extract "7490_Catalina_Clover_Pack_#3" and copied 3 files in EFI/Clover of my SSD. 
  4. Downloaded macOS Catalina 10.15.6 from App Store
  5. Started the update from the updater of macOS.


Issues that I have currently

  • trackpad not working every time (and when it works, I can't click with it but I can roll with 2 fingers)
  • The boot is long (more than 1min)
  • I have some visual issues (not a lot but in the search tool, I have like visual bug)
  • Wifi and bluetooth isn't working
  • 1 USB port isn't working

Capture d’écran 2020-06-18 à 15.44.34.png

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You never mention or add your system's full specs so not sure what you have.

If it's an Intel (most likely), it's not really supported yet but there are a few in developement. Here's a link to some discussion.

For now, you could try replacing it with a supported device, ie DW1560, DW1830 or DW1820A. 

See our list of supported/ unsupported devices in the R&D section. I would recommend not to go for any Atheros as Catalina had dropped support for them.


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1 hour ago, Jake Lo said:

You never mention or add your system's full specs so not sure what you have.

How can I do it ? 

It's really my first try on hackintosh. Now it's stable (back from standby), my touchpad is working (not key but I used Karabiner so now it's working)

But my CPU temperatures are really high (45 - 90) with 1.5ghz to 4ghz. On windows, I underplot it, so I have only 40-65°. 

How could I switch my "apple keyboard" to a windows keyboard (I found to change my windows key to a cmd apple) but I don't know how to change some keys like "!" who is on my "8" tour instead of "_" for example. I have to change key by key ? 

I have the exact same computer than in the Hervé tutorial. 

i7 8650U

SSD 512gb 


1 hour ago, Hervé said:

Look here too:

Thank you for your help really. It's not really simple to help on a forum (because you have to write and you can't see my computer) but you tried your best and it's really kind 

(sorry for my bad English ^^)

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Keyboard should be set to French PC type in the keyboard PrefPane. Then it's just a matter of swapping out CMD and Option keys, also through the PrefPane.


As for the wireless card, well you can identify the model through very obvious manners:

  1. open up the bottom cover and look at it/its label
  2. look at the model listed in Windows Device Manager
  3. run DPCIManager app in macOS (less obvious to newbies)


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