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Dell Latitude 7490 - Installation Mojave 10.15.x with a dualboot - Support Request


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Hello back, it's fine. I finally configured everything. 


I have a triple boot (w10, ubuntu20 and Catalina 10.15.5)


I plugged a WiFi USB adapter that I had in my mouse and it works. 


Thank you a lot for your help. I put my keyboard on a French alt to get the same keyboard that with w10.and Ubuntu


I remap 2 key of my keyboard for right click and left click of my mouse. 


I have wifi, Bluetooth, my dock is working well too, I undervolt my CPU and under freq too (it is locked to 3.5ghz) because it was too hot before that I repasted the cpu. 


I changed the thermal paste for a conductonaute from grizzly (now laptop is less than 75°C with stress test at 4.2ghz). At 3.5ghz, it runs at 50°C max so it's perfect


I changed my SSDs for a 970pro nvme from Samsung and a msata 512gb from.samsung too (it is put in the Wlan free slot that I had)


Windows is in a 250go part of my msata, Mac os too. Ubuntu is on an external ssd nvme usb-C


My ssd is for my folder. My setup is perfect now. 


Thank you a lot for your help. It was my first hackintosh



Now I will do an hackintosh with the Samsung Galaxy book 12 with an i7 of my GF. 


You helped me a lot. It's not that easy but it's ok now



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:shock: Huh?


There is no mSata slot in the Latitude 7490 so you could not possibly fit an mSata SSD into that laptop.

The WLAN slot is M.2 Key A/E so it would be physically impossible to fit either an mSata SSD or an M.2 SSD.

M.2 SSD are not Key A/E but Key B, key M or Key B/M.

The WWAN slot is Key B and can physically take a 2242 M.2 SATA or NVME SSD but that's not supported (I've tested this in the past, like several other people).

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