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Dell Inspiron 3x37-5x37-7x37 Clover Installation


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Hey pokengyuen! First off, I wanted to say you are super invaluable to the OSX86 cause, man! You seen to take much time out of your day to hep other which I find to be extremely amazing.


Here is what was contained in my /origin./ folder - just a heads up - the SSDT-3x.aml /does not/ decompile. I had to put it in a different folder to run the terminal commands -


would it be best if I erased that folder and went through my Clover USB a second time to use F4 to generate the files?

No problem, if that file prevents you from running iasl, just delete that file. Not all of ssdt are useful, especially duplicate ssdt.

Just find which is the last file that causes error (in your case, it's SSDT-1.aml or SSDT-3x.aml) delete it and continue my guide.


Your dsdt is very like 3x37 series, so you can follow all the steps in my guide to patch dsdt and ssdt (to disable your nVidia/AMD).

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After restart, my EFI particion is vanishing. Why? My Laptop: Dell Inspiron 3537.

Thats because it was the clover installer that mounted the efi partition, You dont need access to it after you do all of the steps hence why it doesnt have restart in the instructions

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first of all i want to tell u that i come to this forum from tonycrapx86.

as the same guide was posted there, i think u can solve my problem.

i have HP Pavilion 15 notebook and the specs are as under:

Motherboard: Intel Haswell-ULT (Model 2166 29.42)

South Bridge: Intel ID9C43

CPU: Mobile DualCore Intel Core i5-4200U, 1600 MHz (16 x 100)

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400




I have already installed windows 8.1 on my laptop. Now, I sucessfully installed mavericks 10.9.

But i stuck at serial no. 10. i run the clover installer with customized options as you mentioned in your guide.

But the installation process failed. Plz help....

here is screenshot that i have taken after running the command: diskutil list


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@ghostshock: You have to do exactly all the steps in dsdt patching. You have to open .dsl file, not .aml file. I'm sorry that I won't give you any help if you don't follow EXACTLY all the steps in the guide.


Press F4 at clover screen to get dsdt.aml back.


@iAnil: Run HVT and select Clover UEFI instead of run Clover installer. Your HDD partition table is weird, that's why it failed.

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