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[SOLVED] Dell Inspiron 3542 - Sierra


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It is quite strange Jake Lo.  If I switch my bios to function instead of multimedia then it works.  However its stuck in what ever Keyboard I had set as default before installing Karabiner.  I believe I had it to US but with the version of VoodooPS2 it should be Euro because its reversed.  Seems to reverse even Karabiner too.  Can only type the tilde character if I go into Karabiner and select keyboard type instead of default.  Other wise the keys were all working perfecting.  Just took a bios switch.  I tried to uninstall Karabiner Elements and I also delete the .karabiner folder but it keeps returning after reboot.  Also every time I try to run the Keyboard Assistant in settings it says keyboard not detected.  So it doesn't allow me to change mode.  Like its stuck.  So on my internal i think Im going to leave it as is without installing Karabiner.  The volume keys work perfectly and if i want to change brightness I will go to system settings and use the slider.  Thanks again for all the help.  

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My internal has Euro Keyboard selected and I can make the tilde with ~ shift and tilde key so it works.  Like you said the keyboards seem reversed for some.  As for what type of keyboard I will need to look into that tomorrow morning as I cannot remember which one of the two I have  Alps or Synaptics, but I believe Synaptics.


  I actually have Windows still on this internal.  Im dual booting so I suppose going into to windows is the simplest way to find out.  I'll definitely log in in the morning.  Thanks Jake Lo.  

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Ok Jake Lo, so I can confirm it is Synaptics and not Alps.  But as long as you select ISO Europe as the Keyboard it works pretty well.  I even found a VodooPS2 from Rehabmans repository and that I thought worked well but then after a bit it freezes up.  Tried it more then once.  For now it seems Release 4 RC4 works best on both the 3542 and the E6420.

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