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Dell XPS L502X - Yosemite (10.10.5) w/Clover, need help on a few items


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First off....this is my first time posting, as well as my first time trying a Hachintosh.  It's been a learning experience.


System Specs: 

-Dell XPS L502X, Intel i7-2630QM @ 2.0 GHz - Sandy Bridge

-Intel 6 Series/C200 Chipset - HM67

-Dell A12 modded BIOS to include support for uEFI 

-Intel HD3000 graphics w/ nVidia GT540M @ 1366 x768

-RealTek RTL8111 EL Ethernet 

-Intel Centrino Wireless-N 100c


After much trial and error I finally have Yosemite (10.10.5) running fairly well (**with some small issues unresolved) and booting on its own…yay!


I followed the Dell Latitude/Inspiron/Precision - El Capitan Clover Guide with the Clover Bootpack  <<Generic EFI + E6220>> pretty much to a tee. I substituted â€œYosemite" for "El Capitan" everywhere in the guide since I was install 10.10.5


Also used Legacy - GUID Scheme for creating my bootable USB….not uEFI (even though the modded BIOS says it supports uEFI).

Installed Clover with the following settings in step 26- part 1 and step 4 - part 3.

  • Install Clover in the ESP
  • Bootloader/Install boot0af in MBR
  • CloverEFI/CloverEFI 64-bits SATA

Sooo…now on the the small unresolved issues.


BATTERY MGMT:  Battery management not working…although everything I’m reading makes it sounds like it’s much more involved than a simple kext file. I need a guide on this.


NO WiFi/BLUETOOTH:  I know the hardware is not supported nor is have WiFi/Bluetooth overly important right now…but I would like to get it fixed sometime soon….so I’ll be back for this tid-bit once I have the hardware.



Lastly…I have nVidia disabled with nv_disable=1 in the Config.plist. Since I’m probably going to be patching the DSDT/SSDT for the battery management issue, I’d like to go ahead and patch for the nVidia item as well.  As above, need a guide here as well.


Thanks in advance for the support...


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...that fixed the power mgmt item, but I can't immediately tell if it did the nVidia one.  Just curious was the patch for both the power mgmt and the nVidia disable feature?


So the only item left beside the WiFi/Bluetooth is the built in card reader.  I have not done any research on that yet, but if you have any advice or tips it would be greatly appreciate.


MANY, MANY...Thanks

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I did patch to disable the Nvidia card, to confirm if it's successful, go to System information under Graphics/Display. If you only see HD 3000, then it's disable, but if you see both, then no.

What SD card reader does your system have?

Launch DPCIManager, attach a screenshot of the PCI List.

Launch IORegistryExplorer, save it and attach it here too.

Your wireless card will have to be replace. Try DW1550 or DW1510 if you only want wireless.

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