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D620 nVidia: Trouble installing Lion


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1st make sure to use the latest D620 BIOS version A10 and a Core2Duo CPU (most D620 have a FSB667 Merom T7x00 CPU).

Then configure the BIOS parameters as per the recommended settings posted here.

To build your Lion USB installer, use myHack v3.1.2 or v3.3.1 + the Lion bootpack available here.


This will get you to a known working installation. 

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I tried that but it doesn't work. It downloads the software then when it reboots it gets stuck on the white apple screen with the spinning wheel my only option is to re install Lion every time. And as for the mouse the version of Lion I have is 10.7.2 whereas the boot packs are 10.7.5 does that make a difference as I am still not able to fix the problem.


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