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Lenovo ThinkPad T470s - 99% done (Mojave 10.14.6)


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I am getting ready to make the jump from Mohave to Catalina, but before I do I want to make sure I am 100% all the way there. I would like to see if someone could look over my deBug file. I admittedly don't know how to read the debug file to see if there are any errors hidden. I did remove all but essential .kexts from the EFI Clover Kexts Other folder like is suggested over on another site. The rest are loaded in the Library/Extensions location. 


My retrofitted internal wifi/bluetooth card (Lenovo card using Broadcom BCM94352) works fine for a few hours, then stops intermittently. A reboot is needed to get it going again. Not sure why yet. Am I missing something?


It seems like everything else is working now with the exception of my battery tanks after only a few hours of use. There are not that many cycles on it if I can believe the System Report. Battery percent indication seems laggy, then it kicks in, but isn't linear. 


Could you or another Lenovo laptop oriented moderator look over the debug and see if there is anything that I still need to address?


For anyone else, my Clover file in the debug zip is a pretty good place to start for your post-install if you are interested. Reflects days of forum digging and trials. Cheers. 


I am running Mojave 10.14.6, on a T470s, Intel Core i5, 2.71 GHz, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD, Intel HD620 Graphics


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My wifi/bluetooth Lenovo Broadcom BCM94352 has been working fine all afternoon now. No hiccups, go figure...


I picked it as the T470s retrofit candidate for the IBM wifi card because it recognizes natively being it is Lenovo. It has been working fine for months. You can get one from eBay for about $50ish. 

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My Lenovo initially didn't like the rip and replace, but after a few boots, I am back!

I think my wifi card is failing, it still comes and goes. It's working at the moment. 


Here is my debug file. I will use your newer Clover at the link you suggest next. Do you see any other issues I should look at? Jake, thank you so much for your time.


The battery monitor is still really non-linear. Like it stays at 100% for a long time, starts to finally drop off, then once you get to 20% it gives you a warning. If you don't plug in by like 17%, it dies moments later. Could this do anything with the fact that the T470s has not one but two batteries? I did have to make a recommended patch to accommodate that fact. Battery life is say about 3hrs. I think when running Windows 10 it't a bit longer?


Someone in one of the forums says that you have to run the battery from full charge to all the way down several times to get the monitor to estimate itself better? Ever hear of this? Is there a better battery monitor out there?  


I bought this T470s model of Lenovo because it's the same model my employer issued me for my work PC. They are really solid machines. I beat the heck out of my one for my day job. It takes the abuse and keeps on ticking. 


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Jake Lo,

I very much appreciate your help.


I stepped forward in my Clover boot loader as suggested, attached is my debug, so SMCHelper should be working now. 

I did have a frozen machine, but backed up via Time Machine, then tried again. It's almost like when I try the most current WhateverGreen, the machine really doesn't like THE latest one. 


I was able to get the new Clover loaded, however, now my touchpad now doesn't want to work (something wrong with my VoodooPS2?, and my hardwired ethernet NIC refuses to work too (I have tried a few different kext's without success)... 


Sure would appreciate a look at my debug file to see if you can give me clues what to do differently. 

I want to get it all spiffy before I try the leap to Catalina. 


Thanks in Advance,



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Jake Lo,

As you suggested, I removed the other files. I had tried them to get some progress made, but it didn't work. Then I tried your version you shared and still no luck. Then  reasons I don't understand, like a pigeon looking for the prize by pecking on the lever till the kernel of corn drops, I went back to an older (sub) version of the VoodoPS2Controller, and my T470s trackpad started to work again. VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip


Go figure. There must be something unique in it. I got it from a different post from this site you were involved in about 4 months ago. 


So, last questions: 

1. Any idea why HWInfo.kex and ACPIBatteryManager.kext would have these entries when I rebuild the kextcashe?


2. Also, is the preamble of "Kext with Invalid Signature" supposed to be on the front of these entries from my /L/E texts?


3. I attached the debug. Is there anything else I should look at before the jump to Catalina? 

I wish I knew how to read for clues into the debug file, but it is very thic. 


I did get my ethernet NIC card to work. Somewhere along the way I had taken out the IntelMausi.kext. Once I put that back into /L/E the world was all right again. So that one is solved.


For some reason, when I do make a change, the first time I reboot the updated system seems to want to fail out, then I force a Safemode, reboot again, then it is okay again till I make any other changes. But I am up and running. 


4. This kind of confuses me why it would behave that way and fail out. Any thoughts on possible causes?


So I am very very close now. I now even have a Thinkpad Clover bootloader themed welcome screen when booting.


Any help/thoughts you can offer in the things I mention above would be appreciated. 


Thank you in advance.


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