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Lenovo ThinkPad T470s - 99% done (Mojave 10.14.6)


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I got it figured out. I was able to clear out my /L/E with the exception of 10 original Mojave kexts that I left.

My machine seems to run a bit smoother now with the other kexts only injected. 


The rest moved over to Kexts/Other.


Rebooted and no issues. The I updated those with the latest Clover 5118. Again no issues at reboot. I have attached my finished Clover from my EFI/Clover partition in case anyone else wants to have a good starting point for a Thinkpad T470S. Everything works now.


I timed my battery and it lasts 2.5hrs. This is half of a Win10 build. I have not injected the NVMeFix.Kext in this build like Jake Lo suggests. That would be the next step. 


My next direction I think I will take this is try to use OpenCore instead of Clover, but that is outside the scope of this particular thread. 




CLOVER for T470S 5-23-20.zip

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I tested your arhive , battery notification dont work, and the laptop cannot shutdown , power up again. i use high sierra. 


I post here my EFI LINK  , battery works , plug in notification, sound, light , only problem , the laptop cannot shutting down, will power up again.


How can i edit the boot order icon ? i have first windows and then OS ,sometime ago was os and then windows. 

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