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Lenovo ThinkPad T470s - 99% done (Mojave 10.14.6)


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Thanks but that not works for me


Tested with this CLOVER from link, is for Catalina. 
1. Works sound, backlight, right click , but not showing when charger plug in
2. when going to stand-by , is dead, have to force shutdown

3. USB-C only charging, no data transfer


Tested with this CLOVER from link , with Mojave
1. I cant right click on the trackpad and the above buttons arent working.

2. The sound not working 


PS Working plug in charger notification 😀


EFI LENOVO E470 CATALINA KEYBOARD DSDT April2020 ******* NEW 16/04/2020



Can we mix files from this 2 link , and make it work ? I dont understand how can i move file, if take file from kexts folder , and put to other ,  is automatic loading ? or need to instal somewhere ?

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Have you enabled the battery indicator inside of the MacOS so that it shows in your status bar? It's in settings. Then it shows up. 


There is a bunch of meticulous troubleshooting you get to do when knocking out each thing. The reason is that everything is NOT loaded into Clover Other/Kexts. Only the skinniest number of them are once you close in on finishing your build. The majority end up in the /Library/Extensions (/L/E) inside your build. After you test the kext, I then moved over into /L/E. It's a step by step thing. After moving, then in Terminal, you use the kextcache -i / command to rebuild the /L/E cache each time. 


Now, other people say to just ignore this method and leave it all in the Clover Other/Kexts and don't mess with the caching from /L/E loading. This seems to be a great debate online. Rehabman over on another forum (a google search will find his homebase) says to use the caching from /L/E method because of some troubleshooting advantages, so that is what I followed. Here is my /L/E folder.


Here is my Kexts/Other folder.


It has been a fun project, kind of like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle putting it all together. Guys like you and I like such brain twisters, along with everyone else on this forum. I would like to believe that this is more of the motivation of doing a project like this during the lockdown. I have the money to go just buy a macbook, but this has been a fun challenge. I wish I could say that it is at 100%, but there are still some oddities. Like the battery indicator sometimes does the countdown from 100% to 0%. Sometimes it stays at 100%, then shuts down without a warning. Other times it does what it should. But it dies at about 17%, it never gets to single digits. I just attributed it to the fact that your T470s has two batteries inside of it, a big one and a small one. I get about 2.5hrs on a charge. I wish it was longer. I have the same Lenovo T470S for my day job issued to me by my company running Win10, and it sure seems to last longer that 150 minutes. 


I also still get a random non-boot situation that I can't explain. I have to go into the Clover bootloader at the beginning of a boot and use safe mode boot, then I get in and it is fine again for awhile. I can't explain this random fail yet. But for now it mostly all works. 

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In my screenshots above of my /L/E and my Clover /kext/other folders, is there anything I should delete concerning duplicates from one folder or the other?


Do these kexts look the way they should? I am not missing anything am I? I am looking for a sanity check. 


Also, my battery life really isn't so good. On my windows 10 T470s machine it should get in the 6 to 7hr range, but on my T470s clover build, I am only getting a couple of hours on the battery for some reason. 


I am still getting failed reboots from time to time. I can't explain it.



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