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El Capitan on Inspiron 1720


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Sorry I must have accidentally eliminated it when I made a copy onto my desktop and zipped it.


More importantly, NO, I did not use the D630 dsdt, only most of the kexts from the pack. Remember I had to use my dsdt which I used on Yosemite all along and then create usb injector.


I am not connecting why I should use D630 dsdt for SD card to work. Or maybe you are pointing to something else I am doing wrong? I did try the D630 dsdt just now and it does boot my laptop.


Anyways I do have a bigger problem now. Laptop running very hot. Something is blocking sleep and wondering if it is Hwmonitor itself

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Actually I did not even open the D630 dsdt. The dsdt I am using is one I patched in bits and pieces before i installed Yosemite. I did not change anything for El Capitan. So it's just a coincidence.


My 10.11 install seems to be going well. The spurious overheating went away and has not come back. I am abandoning sd card fix. Everytime I try something I mess things up and how to recover. I have Windows also so can always save there and grab from Mac OS.


I am actually going to try and see if I can save from Mac OS to windows disk. Not been able to get that working ever.

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