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Dell Latitude 14/ Vostro 3446 Sierra

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Hi, I've been roaming around this forum for a long long time. This is my first post and second attempt at Hackintoshing.

I finally have a machine I can reasonably well Hack. It's a love child between a 3452, 5558, 3440. In India(where I'm from)it's sold both as the Dell vostro 3446 / Latitude 14.


Specs as follows - 

i3-4005 2C/4T 1.7Ghz (Haswell - 15W ULV edition)

Same main board as a 3452.

HD 4400 1596Mb shared

GT820M Nvidia (disabled - Optimus)

ALC 255/3234 audio

RTL8111E 10/100 LAN 

DW1705/AR9565 - Wifi Bluetooth Combo

40Whr Battery

1366x768 Matte LED display


I used this fantastic guide that you'll have to create everything and put it together.

The 3452 zip was originally used.  along with the newest EFI zip




Some small changes are needed 

ADD to clover

Haswell Patch + Kernel support CPU + xcpm (without any one it will NOT boot)



ALL DVMT/Intel Graphics patches.

Remove Patch #5 for audio


Latest PS2 controller + Realtek Ethernet Controller from Rehabman's bitbucket account HERE


this thread for the ATH9565+Bluetooth combo unit. Yes bluetooth works perfectly. It also needs old way Airport fix to work. (still has intermittent issues with assigning IP addresses)


What isn't working ->

BackLight Control (known issue)

Activity Monitor crashes when looking at energy consumption.

Sleep is not working. Closing the lid and re-opening it comes back to an unlocked desktop even after twenty minutes.

closing the lid after hitting sleep - wakes the device.


Most importantly switching from MacBookAir 6,2 to MacBookPro Retina 11,1 FIXED a LOT of lag stutter and throttling. Boot is faster. App open and close times are quicker. But i cannot generate an MLB and therefore no iMessage or FaceTime.


attaching Kext+ACPI+config.plist for reference and in case anyone can help.


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What BIOS version are you running?


Here, patched for your system.

Replace the ACPI folder and Config file with the attached.

Remove IntelBacklight.kext from Clover/Kexts/Other

Install AppleBacklightInjector.kext to /Library/Extensions

This is to fix the 10.12.4 brightness control.

Repair permission and rebuild cache.


Send me an IOREG to verify everything is working.

Maybe one before and one after replacing the files.

IOReg IORegistryExplorer_v2.1.zip


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Update - 

On the upside. Sleep now works correctly! Thank you for that!


On the downside -

For whatever reason P States and C states needed to be readded to the config.plist. Without it; some lag is suffered. 

Bluetooth can't be turned off still. But that's ok I guess.

Backlight Now working. changed config.plist to include PLNF patch. Slider under Preferences>Displays works

Buttons on keyboard do not.


I think keyboard mappings are different. Mine has the following

Esc-> Lock; F1>Mute; F2>Vol Down; F3>Vol Up; F4>Previous; F5>Play/Pause; F6>Next; F8>Screen mirror; F9>Search F11>Backlight Down; F12> Backlight Up; Prtsc>Network control


I'm on the annoying A11 BIOS> from where there is no going back. that happened a while ago when we needed to replace the original panel under warranty.


Attaching ioReg files for before and after. The only change I made was I signed out of iCloud considering the missing Software UUiD and RT Variables.


EDITED - Backlight now working.

ioReg Latitude 14.zip

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Hello! Sorry for the delay in responding to you. I decided to clean install once again to see what does and does not work! 

PLNF patch is needed for it to even show. 

Karabiner is messing with some of the controls on the device that already work like Volume and Bluetooth control and some of the mouse and keyboard shortcuts. Using it is painful. I've decided to open up the preferences pane when i need the brightness turned up. (I like it a little softer as it is)


Thank you for all the help I've got. The DSDT / SSDT patches work great. Now I have to wait until I can generate a fresh Board Number to get iMessage working. 

MacBookPro 11,1 is not yet suppported by most generators and it is a rarely used device config from the looks of it.

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Update - Added a Magic Mouse to my machine. 

Bluetooth works out of the box on the standard installation. Does not need Bluetooth Firmware Uploader.

For the AR9565 this video HERE seems to do a much better job. More importantly - it identifies the device as an internal WiFi and AirDrop works perfectly 

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[...]MacBookPro 11,1 is not yet suppported by most generators and it is a rarely used device config from the looks of it.

Erm... where do you get that from?



For the AR9565 this video HERE seems to do a much better job. More importantly - it identifies the device as an internal WiFi and AirDrop works perfectly 

Really? Did you read the comments?

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I need a Motherboard Serial Generator. Oddly enough searching on GitHub found me an MLB Generator. That got me through iCloud and iMessage setup and has now landed me with an apple Assist code - which I hadn't got until now.
If you know one that might work correctly - I would be forever grateful!
Also, Yes I read the comments. I was lucky to have the  assistance here.
3452 zip alone from the first post was getting me through the Wifi but it was not a built-in and kept having a self-assigned WiFi issue.
I played around with a lot of different kexts putting them in different places and seeing their effects. This is the one that has worked the best for me.
(85% working - I have repeater bridges that cause network handoff issues)  
Any other person's mileage may vary. But in my specific config it works.

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